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  1. ehatch1

    Fire Starters

    @wthomas57 I just put paper cucpcake liners in a muffin pan, find pinecones in the yard, and pour my leftover candle wax over the cone into the liner. Bits of dry twigs/moss would be good, too. For the fancier ones, I sprinkled a little dry rosemary on top and added a piece of cinnamon stick to each, for looks.
  2. ehatch1

    New Labels & Product Photography

    Glad you like it! I can't give any recommendations on labels, as I print my own, but I know many people who purchase theirs will probably chime in!
  3. I have made lavender candles for myself and sprinkled dried lavender buds on the top; I like them because they look pretty and rustic. They burned well and did not catch fire or even soot. When the flame burned, it pushed the buds to the edge of the container, away from the flame. HOWEVER, I feel like I'd be too nervous to sell them because of the possibility of a lawsuit if someone burned their house down. So, I haven't used dried lavender in the candles I've sold. Just for me
  4. ehatch1


    Welcome to the forum! I have to say that I very much like your user name The Pacific NW is a beautiful part of the country - if I could choose where to live, that would be my choice. The conifer forest and rainy days are calling my name. One day...
  5. Thank you for the suggestions! It's hard to say since I'm just sniffing out of the bottle, but I think the mint is stronger than the rosemary. However, I can smell both and they smell true. I think I'll make candles with it and see how they are, and if it's too minty, add some rosemary from Candle Cocoon to balance it out. I have also tried Rosemary Mint from Aztec, and this is much better than that. That one was super minty, in a fake way.
  6. Update for those interested: I received Coconut Cream and Rosemary Mint from The Chemistry Store, and they both rock oob. Haven't put them in wax yet. But the coconut makes me want to eat it. @glasllyn, last week I ordered from both The Chemistry Store and Lebermuth directly, and did not need a tax ID
  7. ehatch1

    Store Bought Candles

    I wasn't laughing about pesticide runoff - I don't like them either. I don't mind the GMOs though. Sorry to offend.
  8. ehatch1

    Store Bought Candles

    @Incendia I think it's funny that people are anti-GMO. I get the organic movement, not wanting pesticides on your food, but GMOs make food bigger and tastier. I'm all for that Until of course, someone legitimately links it to health concerns... but at the moment, it's all good.
  9. ehatch1

    Store Bought Candles

    I like this whole concept. Maybe I've been hanging around too many crunchy people
  10. @birdcharm ouch is right. I'm so used to living far from everything and paying ridiculous shipping costs, that it doesn't phase me as much anymore... how sad is that.
  11. Don't get me started wanting to buy from another supplier! Omg haha I have heard that, YES, it is! I am ashamed to admit that in my longtime search for the perfect patchouli FO, i broke down yesterday and bought a pound even though there was a $20 charge for buying less than $300 of supplies. I just had to know if it's really amazing. Patch is my favorite.
  12. So excited to hear this about the coconut. I have been dying for a good one and was hoping this would be it!
  13. @glasllyn My shipping fee was about $16 for two 4 oz. bottles of FO.
  14. I was literally just wondering about this! And I couldn't find much on it, so I just placed an order for Rosemary Mint and Coconut Cream... I'll get back to you on how they are The prices were pretty great.
  15. Neat! I like these. How fun