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  1. That's how mine was too..then sent me a totally different lot number and no problems. Couldnt increase scent cause I'm at max now, and tried adding mineral oil also and neither worked. Not sure how the big manufacturers get theirs.
  2. Well, I'm not sure what wax I had but it definitely was not a container/melt suitable wax. But that is odd that it turns up now. I see speckles there too, maybe they went to a cheaper wax? Wish I knew. I started doing candles in 05 and never seen that before. Tried all the tricks and couldnt get it to go away.
  3. Well, good new, looks like it was just a mislabel on a lot# of wax. They send me a box from a different lot and back in bussiness.
  4. No, I'm hoping it will be here tomorrow. Yes that is exactly what mine is doing. Now it didnt work for mine, but I was told to try adding 2% mineral oil, and this had some success, or a high dosage of FO. No luck here. I will post something either way with the new stuff. Fingers crossed
  5. Starting to wonder if it wasnt labeled wrong. They are sending me more from a different batch/lot # to try and see what happens
  6. I know right, that's what baffles me, nothing has changed as far as pouring goes, and has been the same for years. Only started with the newest shipment I got. Candlewic is working with me on it and gonna try a different batch number of the wax. I tried different pour temps, increasing FO and even adding mineral oil, nothing works.
  7. The biggest thing I hear when I talk to customers are my candles have a better throw and last alot longer then soy. I hear about more smoking with parrafin, but I have not had issues with that especially if the wicks are trimmed properly and you use the proper wick. I test burn each oil with every new scent that I add.
  8. No, i pour in the basement of my house which is heated. Nothing has changed at all, and i have used this wax for years in the same environment and same process of pouring. that is what is baffling to me, maybe wax isn't the cbl 129 and labeled wrong from factory? Colors are a little different then normal also.
  9. Yeah, they had said to increase the fragrance, and possibly add 2% mineral oil, neither of which helped. It's odd to me as i have been using this for years and only started on the last shipment i received. I wondering if it could have been labeled wrong, can't figure it out.
  10. Has anyone else been using CBL 129 candlewic wax and been having issues lately? I have used this wax for years now and all the sudden on my last shipment been having issues with Rippling and settling. Contacted them and they had told me to increase my fragrance or add 2% mineral oil, which I shouldn't have to do but actually tried and did not make a difference. It does it for my candle containers and wax melts. Looking to see if anybody has any suggestions, ideas or been having the same issues. Really don't want to change cuz this stuff is great and works perfect for everything I pour, until now. I've included a picture of my wax melts on the right where my prior pours on the left is the new batch that I got.
  11. Hello Trappeur, I use the candlewic wax with 16oz and 10 oz comfort, 8 oz jelly, 9 oz hex and clamshell melts. Curing is just a couple days. I dont even have to top off, just fill and lightly go over with a heat gun to smooth out the top.
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