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  1. I think they look cool. I've never been partial to amber containers, but I like the way that one looks. As a customer, it would make me do a double take...the jar and how awesome your labels are and how fabulous I already know your candle looks inside.
  2. Check out Peak. I use 11 oz straight-sided tumblers, and their flat metal lids fit them perfectly with a tumbler diameter of 3 inches. The lids also work for Peak's 11.5 oz tumblers. Make sure to look at the bigger of the two sizes, as they sell a smaller lid for their 7 oz tumblers.
  3. @ellajoan...I know the FB group you're talking about. The particular comment you're referring to was fine, but it's always good to double check info you receive. As Jcandleattic and Pcbrook already pointed out, testing for a "correct" burn of 3-4 hours at a time as well as testing for a power burn is good because it gives you more information about how your candles will perform in different situations and with different customers. Because of the size of my candles, I've never been able to do a burn like you described where I just light the candle once and leave it until it extinguishes because it would take too long, but I have done longer burns of 7-10 hours to see what happens. Happy testing!
  4. I love that red! When's the cut? When's the cut? Bring on the rainbow unicorns!
  5. Yep, I have tried Premiers, ECOs, and RRDs. ECOs...I forget off-hand why they didn't work, but they didn't burn right in my system. I'd have to check my notes. Premiers, sooted like crazy. RRDs...now THESE were the leaners for me, lol. No matter how many times I tried, they ended up leaning almost right up against the tumbler. Couldn't get them to work. Thanks, @TallTayl, for your input. I can't explain any better than TallTayl did about why the wick seems to play a role in HT, but that's just what I've experienced. Even now, I have a tester with double HTP 31s and another with a cotton core. Same wax, same fragrance, same dye, same container, same everything except the wick. Have tried them in the same room under the same (or as close as possible to the same) conditions. They even get the same-sized melt pool, but for some reason the HTPs fill the room whereas the cotton core does not. Or even because some people (sheepishly raising my hand here) don't realize that this is possible and so they don't test for it. It never dawned on me, until you just said it, that you could have a minimal mp and still get a great throw because it seems most discussions revolve around melt pool. I've never tried for the deep melt pools because they always made me nervous and caused my wicks to lean, but it never occurred to me that a shallow melt pool could still give terrific throw. I feel more testing coming on in my future.
  6. I feel your struggle, lol. I've only ever worked with paraffin and have worked with mottling paraffin for pillars but not yet for containers. Right now I'm working with 4630 and blends with 4630. I hear you on CD wicks...can't stand them either. They always had large flames, always sooted like crazy, and got huge mushrooms no matter which paraffin I used them with. LXs...never felt like I got a good enough throw from them and they sooted a lot. Zincs...have tried them but can't stand the mushrooms or the core that sticks up when you don't have a mushroom, lol. HTPs have always worked the best for me, but like you said, it's that happy medium I need to find. Even with the selection of HTPs, I always found myself needed something in the middle of what I had when using just a single wick - hence, the double wick testing.
  7. I haven't come across that yet. Wish I had a suggestion for you, but I'm not sure what would cause that to happen. So far, I've been very pleased with the three fragrances I've tested with the double wicks (wait, gotta find my wood and knock on it). The wicks thus far have stayed very near the 1/4-inch mark without trimming and haven't gone too short or too tall. On one fragrance, I got one little tiny mushroom on one wick so far, but I did have the fans and AC going while testing, so I expected it. I plucked off the little guy and continued testing. On another fragrance, both wicks got tiny little mushrooms...again, due to fans/AC. This time, I lit them with the mushrooms still on just to see what happened. Got the tall flame and soot from one of the wicks for literally 2 seconds, and then it calmed right down and both continued to burn just fine. My first double-wick tester is a little below half the container, and so far no mushrooms, no soot, no tall flames, jar doesn't get overly hot, and nice throw. So far, the testing is encouraging...but anything can still happen so I'll keep going to see.
  8. So far the only wicks I'm testing with the double wick is HTP 31 and 41. I've got two testers in the same fragrance, one with the 31s and the other with the 41s, and the 41s get too hot in the jar and have started to lean close to the glass. The one with the two 31s is down to about halfway through the container, and so far not a single issue. I'm starting testing on two more fragrances today, both with two 31s, so I guess I'll see how it goes.
  9. I don't sell yet...I'm my own worst critic (I think like most of us are) and I refuse to sell anything until I have it gosh darn perfect (or near enough). But I can understand the concern about what to tell a customer. I don't know if it would bother many customers considering how many brands of candles out there smoke and soot like chimneys and still seem to be popular...but it bothers ME, and if it bothers me, then I'm not content. That's why I started the double wick testing. I'm bummed to hear that it didn't work out for you. Like I said, I've just started this testing (literally in the middle of my first double-wick tests with three different fragrances), and so far haven't seen it. All of the re-lights so far have been nice flames and no soot/smoke. Hoping it stays that way, lol. If you've had it happen with other wicks, then I guess that rules out that it's just HTPs. FO seepage...I wonder. I don't go above 7% with any fragrance, usually hovering between 6-7%, which is well within the max FO load of the waxes I use. Burnt part of the wick...makes more sense to me that that could be the culprit. But like you mentioned before, how do you trim a wick that is already short, and is a customer going to take the time to trim that bit of burnt wick off to prevent that initial tall flame and soot despite how many times you remind them to trim (and doesn't that defeat the purpose of what we're trying to accomplish in wicking the candle to burn wonderfully and self trim)? But it's still worth testing out. What can be done if it's FO seepage? I don't know. For the trimming issue, I may go and make a few testers to test for this specifically. I usually test my candles without trimming because it's how I assume the customers will do it, but I should try a few and make sure to faithfully trim them each and every test and see what happens.
  10. Yep, I've had that same thing happen. I work with different paraffins and blends of them and mostly with HTP wicks. I've tried many -- LX, zinc, Premiers, CD, ECO, RRD, and others -- and keep coming back to the HTPs. Guess I'm determined to make them work, lol. But, yes, I can get a candle wicked with an HTP, no mushroom, no soot, getting a full mp, and seems to be trimming itself nicely...and sometimes when I'd light it, whoa mama. For the first minute or two, the flame is tall (over an inch, under 2 inches, too tall for my comfort) and black smoke in a steady stream shoots straight up off the top of the flame. I'd sit and stare and scratch my head wondering why the heck it did that because there was no mushroom, the wick wasn't over 1/4 inch when I lit it, etc. But after a minute or so, it stops, the flame settles to a comfortable height, and no more soot/smoke. Then it just burns nicely as usual. Wish I could tell you why it happens. I'm not sure myself. I didn't take good enough notes to know when exactly it happened -- how many times, what waxes, temp of the room, fans on or off, Venus aligned with Mars, etc. -- but I know it did happen. I've actually started trying out double wicking instead of just using one wick. I use the 11.5-oz, 3"-diameter, straight-sided tumblers, and I'm trying it because of this very issue. I've been using the smallest available HTPs, 31s, and I tried the 41s. The 41s got too hot, but so far the 31s are working nicely...and haven't seen the soot/flame issue yet. But I just started experimenting with them...so we'll see.
  11. I know! And for someone like me who is still experimenting and testing, it makes it hard to know which supplier has the "good" or "right" version of the wax, know what I mean? Or at least a more consistent version, lol. And, yes, the stickiness and translucency of it was more like straight paraffins I have used. It was even somewhat similar to 4633, and it was definitely different than the 4630 from Aztec. I'm just going to order some more 4630 from Aztec. Whatever it was that they sold me, I liked it, lol, so I'll stick with it as long as I can.
  12. Thanks, ladies. @Jcandleattic...saw your kayaking post. Glad you are having a blast on your trip!
  13. No worries. I've only tried a few of their FOs - Margaritaville, Dauntless, and Vanilla Satin. I like the Vanilla Satin. I get their tumblers too and wicks...but I'm bummed about the wax. Oh well.
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