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  1. lightmyfire

    Vanilla bergamot amber FO?

    Thank you SO much! I completely overlooked this one in my exhaustive/exhausting search. I just ordered it-thanks again!!
  2. lightmyfire

    Vanilla bergamot amber FO?

    Just please don't tell me I'm crazy
  3. lightmyfire

    Vanilla bergamot amber FO?

    I just had a new customer ask if I can duplicate a fragrance she loves that combines vanilla, bergamot and amber. Whatever happened to people requesting a lavender candle??!! There aren't any FO's that I saw on Google that combine vanilla and bergamot; I was hoping to try adding an amber FO to that. Any suggestions on where to start with this? Which vanilla would work well here? I'm sure it's not sweet. She's looking to see if she has any of the lotion that carries this scent. Another needle in a haystack but I'll try to find it! I'll gladly take any and all input
  4. lightmyfire

    Electric Burner Reviews

    the little Ovente burner works like a charm! I keep it at about 3 1/2 to 4
  5. lightmyfire

    When Zincs die in 6006

    This is why I've stopped ordering every scent that makes eyes at me...too much work
  6. lightmyfire

    When Zincs die in 6006

    I completely understand-I'm just at the point where I need to be able to "perfect" a scent then offer it to my customers. There will always be a few that are a work in progress. Keep searching!!
  7. lightmyfire

    When Zincs die in 6006

    I guess as a lot of others on here have said, if you can't wick a scent then dump it. It appears that the cinnamon based fo's are taunting you! I love Cran Marm so I'll give that a whirl in the mason but I will not let it defeat me!! It may drive me to a nap, however. Remember those??!
  8. lightmyfire

    When Zincs die in 6006

    Thanks for this update. It's interesting to see how different fo's perform in each wax (the translation of this is that it's a pain in the a** sometimes). I just made a tester with an 8 oz square mason, 6006, CS Mistletoe and a CD 7; lucky me it was perfect on the first try. Next is CS PumpkinSouffle and CS Apple Harvest. AH has been another easy one to work with. Please keep us posted!
  9. lightmyfire

    Best birthday present ever!

    Thanks and I'll take that as a huge compliment
  10. lightmyfire

    Best birthday present ever!

    Thank you!! I am so blessed and thrilled AND clearly spoiled! I just got a 36 candle order from my customer so now I need to get busy. I wish I could retire from my sales job right now but alas I must wait until January when we pay off our mortgage. All in due time...
  11. lightmyfire

    Best birthday present ever!

    Ha ha!!! No
  12. lightmyfire

    Best birthday present ever!

    Finally, my candle studio is finished!!!!!!!!!! My hunky hubby and I just put together the tables that we got from the restaurant supply and the bun rack. I'm in heaven!!!!!! Now I get to mess it up!!!!!!!!!!
  13. lightmyfire

    Crappy wicks

    Oh I love Lone Star! They are only 1 1/2 hours from me near Dallas so occasionally I make the trip over there; it would be great if they were open on Saturday for a few hours. I just don't like how they just throw the wicks into a bag so I refuse to order them. I found CD 3, 4's and 5's at Bittercreek and CD 7's at Nothstar Country Candle; they are packaged very nicely aka the wicks are straight and lovely when they arrive
  14. For most scents CD 8