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  1. Thank you! I really like this wax. I did a deep dive searching #12 on Facebook and heard the same thing about the ratios of the types of waxes in this blend. It’s a wonderful wax!! What wicks do you like to use in it? I have found LX and Premier to be the leaders of the pack.
  2. Hi all, I have been testing, testing, testing. I am currently using #12 wax from California Candle Supply. It is a soy, palm and paraffin blend. I use LX wicks and for the most part they work great. I do not trim my wicks when I am testing as I like to create worst case scenarios. LX wicks tend to mushroom and then self trim. However, sometimes about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down my vessel, they will simply curl in on themselves and form a loop. This leads to a bigger flame. My wicks are always trimmed to a 1/4” before the very first light. Then I just burn repeatedly without trimming until the candle is gone. Does anyone else have experience with LX wicks curling in on themselves? Thank you!
  3. Yes! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you so much
  4. Thank you so much! I am so thank ful to you and all your knowledge. That’s a huge compliment coming from you!
  5. I am almost in tears… of happiness. I began making candles December 2020 as a hobby during my unemployment due to Covid. It has taken me 9 months and five types of waxes and combinations there of, every single type of wick, countless fragrance oil combinations, scrupulous note taking, and on top of that, making my own cement vessels and the countless hours of that testing of sealants and safety… I HAVE MADE ONE SUCCESSFUL CANDLE! My goal was to create a candle that burned all the way to the end with no wick trimming (like most non chandlers burn their candles), in a cement vessel that never got too hot, that didn’t throw soot and also filled our bedroom and hallway with scent. The 7.5 oz candle below is nearing the 50 hour mark! I did it! Now if I can just repeat it. I want to thank you all for the invaluable information and expertise I have gleaned from you. I will keep making and creating and testing and perhaps one day, I will turn this into a business. For now, I am enjoying the process. PS - the vessel below has been used about five times before in previous tests hence the “rustic” and stained look of it. I reuse my vessels over and over for testing purposes. I am including a picture of my freshly poured candles and vessels (note the nativity set in the background… this was 9 months and over 100 candles ago when I first began testing).
  6. Thanks, SRez! It is enough to drive one completely nuts and question everything! I am experiencing the same thing with the mushrooming. My blend is 50:50 para soy and the 760 is mushrooming like crazy and dimming the flame... I don’t trim while testing but the 767 is looking good although slightly too big a flame. Going to try another 765 now. Ugh!
  7. Hi! I have been testing with premier wicks purchased from Aztec last month. I am testing the same wax, same vessel, with a 760 and a 765... and the flame on the 765 is smaller than the 760. I have tried multiple wicks from this package and all have smaller flames than the 760. Just curious if anyone else’s wick testing has been completely thrown off by this as well? Thanks!
  8. Hi all! I live in Los Angeles and would love to use a local supplier for my wax. I am interested in the #12 veggie/soy/para blend from California Candle Supply. I am currently mixing my own soy and paraffin. Has anyone here tried the #12? I have reached out to them asking what percentage of soy to paraffin this particular blend is made up of but haven’t heard back yet. In the meantime, I wanted to know if any of you have experience with it. Thanks!
  9. Hello Everyone! I am selling everything listed below. I do not want to separate the items. I am selling them as an entire lot. Everything was purchased within the last three months and I am selling them because I have narrowed down the fragrance oils I will be using. They are .3oz sample sizes and 1oz and 2 oz sizes. All items have been opened in order to sniff and only nine of them have been partially used for testing purposes. I have noted below the ones that have been used. I am selling the entire lot for $210 and I will pay for the shipping within the United States. This is a great way to try several different fragrances. I will accept PayPal. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! CANDLE COCOON: SUGAR SHANTY: 2 OZ PEPPER AND PORT: 2 OZ CRANBERRY, CARDAMOM AND CLOVE: 2 OZ NEROLI DE LA LUNA: 2OZ (3/4 FULL) LEMON BLOSSOM: 2OZ (3/4 FULL) OUD, TURMERIC AND SAFFRON: 2 OZ (3/4 FULL) SUNWASHED SANDALWOOD: 2 OZ (3/4 FULL) MIDNIGHT MUSK: 1 OZ (1/2 FULL) ———————————————————————————- SWEETCAKES NOT USED (2 OZ EACH): MANDARIN ORANGE CLEMENTINE OLIVE BLOSSOM CITRON ET FIGUE CITRUS POMELO KAREN’S OCEAN RAIN ———————————————————————————— WOODEN WICK SAMPLE SIZES SNIFFED BUT NOT USED (.3 OZ EACH): GREEN BAMBOO AND WILD VIOLET (2) MOSS AND WET FERN OAKMOSS AND CEDAR YLANG AND GERANIUM COCONUT AND AÇAÍ CREME DE MAMAO AND CASSIS SPICED PEAR AND WHISKEY SALTED CARAMEL AND KAHLUA DRIFTWOOD AND JUNIPER (2) MANDARIN AND RESINS (2) WILD VETIVER AND SUEDE (2) SANDALWOOD INCENSE AND EXOTIC AMBER PALO SANTO AND SAGE SPICED BERGAMOT AND LABDANUM MANGOSTEEN AND GREEN COCONUT BLOOD ORANGE AND LIME AGAVE CEDARWOOD AND NEROLI BLOSSOM MULBERRY AND NEROLI LEAVES OUD PATCHOULI AND RESINS (2) IRIS AND GINGER BLOSSOM WILDFLOWERS AND SEA AIR DAMASCENA ROSE AND OUD (2) WOODEN WICK SAMPLES SLIGHTLY USED: GRAPEFRUIT AND LEAVES (2) LAVENDER AND YLANG ———————————————————————- MIDWEST SEA SALT COMPANY NOT USED (1 OZ EACH): FRENCH LIME BLOSSOM MOROCCAN OIL TYPE PURE GRACES BERRIES AND BULGARIAN ROSE BAIES TYPE EGYPTIAN MUSK ———————————————————————— AZTEC (1 OZ): PERSIAN SILK ROSEMARY PEPPER SULTANA 100% NATURAL ORANGE CLOVE FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH (HALF USED) ———————————————————————— CALIFORNIA CANDLE SUPPLY (1 OZ): OUD WHISPER (HALF USED) ————————————————————————
  10. It reminds me of this one from Alibaba but I don’t see the purple option. Ill keep my eyes peeled. https://www.alibaba.com/pla/Custom-logo-home-wedding-decoration-3_62519409749.html?mark=google_shopping&biz=pla&src=sem_ggl&mark=shopping&cmpgn=11637237034&adgrp=120122066104&locintrst=&locphyscl=9031201&ntwrk=u&device=c&dvcmdl=&position=&pla_adtype=&pla_mrctid=254529816&pla_channel=online&pla_prdid=62519409749&pla_country=US&pla_lang=en&pla_group=298190246337&pla_localcode=&gclid=CjwKCAiAyc2BBhAaEiwA44-wW_ZyI9aS8f2SMXSWhAw3Z2ya53mVwIcwWAh0iuAHuh43ynxcgEHuyhoCzioQAvD_BwE#shopping-ads
  11. Sounds lovely! I like Morning Dew. Some other ideas could be: Fresh Air, Brisk Walk, First Rain, Morning Mist, Breath of Air Hope this helps or sparks some more ideas!
  12. I am so happy I could provide a little peace and levity. I am new to candle making and my god, I have never felt such levels of frustration (besides my first marriage!)... but I love it! And I keep coming back for more. And quite frankly, candle making has saved me during quarantine. So glad to be here. ❤️
  13. After another frustrating (yet enlightening) day of testing, this tiny figure sitting cross legged appeared in my mushroom looking so zen like and calm... At first I was annoyed but how could I stay mad at such a meditative mushroom?
  14. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your process. I have four more pounds of it sitting here so I will give that a try. Right now I am working with 6006 and doing my best to learn how it behaves... I had to pick a wax and just commit. Trying too many things at once gets overwhelming. So far I am liking the 6006 especially now that we are getting acquainted! How are you liking the SB1000 in terms of hot throw and wicking?
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