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  1. ScentedPleasurez

    EAP free shipping over $150

    @franu61 you are welcome. I was just a bit annoyed that they never responded to my email. Lol. Had nothing to do with my order at all.
  2. ScentedPleasurez

    EAP free shipping over $150

    Free shipping orders will not be shipped for two weeks. I had sent them an email on July 9 asking a question. As of today I still had not received a reply, so I called them and that's when I was told free shipping orders would ship out in 2 weeks if I needed my order now I could pay for shipping. Well after I started looking I found my containers cheaper elsewhere so I asked them to cancel it.
  3. ScentedPleasurez

    EAP free shipping over $150

    That saved $70 shipping for me πŸ˜€
  4. ScentedPleasurez

    Peak..Your Feelings?? ... Flat $4.99 special

    Thank you @Scented
  5. ScentedPleasurez

    Peak..Your Feelings?? ... Flat $4.99 special

    I left for a few years due to medical issues, what did peak do that i see everyone speaking about?
  6. ScentedPleasurez

    Candlewic New Fragrances

    i got the coastal kale when it was first introduced and i love it! didnt know what to really expect because i couldnt get by the kale lol but o m g i love it
  7. ScentedPleasurez

    Baby powder fo

    Thank you! I will try it from there, and see.
  8. ScentedPleasurez

    Baby powder fo

    Who has the most genuine baby powder fo? I have ordered 2, one smells like baby lotion to me and the other had me gagging lol
  9. ScentedPleasurez

    How do you choose?

    When i made candles before as well as now that i have returned i buy the 1lb bottles. I have never kept the same fragrances and when i order i tend to order 1 or 2 from different categories. If it were up to me id onli have clean and berry fragrances lol but after doing so many shows you kinda learn what people tend to lean towards imo... plus some customers will just be upfront and tell you what they want.
  10. ScentedPleasurez

    Cierra Sale

    My order arrived monday, i have to say that i only like clean fragrances for myself. Im pleased with all that i ordered. The spring meadow liked to knock me out. I will start making them up tomorrow. I was pleased with how Cierra also shipped the oils, it was like they did extra. Caps on the inside of the bottles plus bagged. Took awhile for shipping but im on East Coast so it was expected.
  11. ScentedPleasurez


    Extra 20% off clearance for next 2 days code "JUNECLEARANCE"
  12. ScentedPleasurez

    Hey there!

    lol@ a holes πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Welcome @Fairymoon
  13. ScentedPleasurez

    The Candlemakers Store FO specials

    i was interested in a few myself but cant remember if i liked their oils or not lol @ncraiders you will have to let me know when you get themπŸ˜€ unless of course i give in..........
  14. ScentedPleasurez

    The Candlemakers Store FO specials

    Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone has ordered any of the oils that the candlemakers store has on special currently,and if so whats your take on them??
  15. ScentedPleasurez

    Cierra Sale

    thank you both! getting older is rough lol i had surgery on my lower spine, still years later i have no feeling in the back of my right leg plus other issues from being immobile, they want to do another course of steroid injections and if that doesnt work surgery. i have refused both and trying a natural route.taking it 1 day at a time like yall and finally got the motivation to return.. we have a great circle of people here.