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  1. ScentedPleasurez

    What should i make?

    Before i had my spinal surgery i had ordered a case of ez soy from bc and a bag of glass glow palm from cs. I will not make candles with it so i come to ask yall what should i make? Ive been thinking on making tarts. 100 lbs of wax sure would make a ton of those
  2. ScentedPleasurez

    This is nuts!

    I to have candles everywhere. I have 6 in my bathroom alone...... i used to mix and make, now i just blend a bit of oil and put it in my warmer, if i dont like it then its an easy toss.
  3. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    RIGHT. Probably is his mom like you said lol. I smell πŸ’© lol
  4. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    Exactly! Lol. He said in the video thats extra just take it off the waxed paper and put in a tart burnerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ NO NO NO!! I am screaming πŸ˜‚ I could only imagine the look on some faces if i told them that
  5. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    L o l there was an asmr video and someone asked if they could just open and pour canned sodas for an hour. All i could wonder was what exactly is that person smoking? I have 1 mukbang channel that i watch, not all of the time but they talk about current things while doing the mukbangs. Lol. Some just sit there and eat an enormous amount of food. If i wanted tl sit and watch someone eat i can pull a plate up to my mirror, but its crazy popular. Its alot of yc fans still out there. I cant see it but they exist. I had a lady tell me that she went and spent 300 on their candles
  6. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    Are you also watching the mukbangs,or how about the ASMR? Hahahaaaa i watch youtube more than i watch television. Sometimes i am sitting there saying to myself " what did i just watch?"
  7. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    I think they are good to watch. Very informative. U might catch a trend of a fo that you might not carry. It seems a big one is monster cookie. Idk ive only seen from 4 people.
  8. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    I didnt take it that way,i was just saying that I have never seen an actual mean reviewThey 0m The ones that i have watched actually seem geniune. Idk but to me the guy in the video that i posted seemed like he might have been sent some things to review. Lol. I did watch one the other day and she had reordered from the company. Her first order was candles but they smoked horribly, so she just bought some tarts to try because it was so many that liked the tarts.
  9. ScentedPleasurez

    Essentials by catalina

    Lol im the same way. It was a citrus that was on their closeout, and im sure someone would enjoy it but it wasnt what i had in my head. I thought a citrus would be a nice body spray and nice in lotion plus i was going to do some potpourri with it.i might like it later idk lol
  10. ScentedPleasurez

    Essentials by catalina

    They have a bunch marked down. 4lbs for $20. I had contacted them and they said it wasnt formulated for candle use and it was pure cosmetic grade. I got the 1 anyways i just didnt like the scent so havent went back to it
  11. ScentedPleasurez


    I waxed it waiting to test, oob and on my electric warmer i dont get alot of cinnamon. I get hints but i smell the butter,bread and vanilla. Lol noses are different. Its definitely different than the cinnamon bun
  12. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    I dont watch those. I have enough of opening boxes myself to watch them lol Im talking about the ones that are actual finished products. They purchase alot of items,and give reviews on each scent or product. Like the one i posted above.
  13. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

    I havent seen any where the people are mean,but im just amazed at some of the reviews. No way i could let something go out the door oozing oil
  14. ScentedPleasurez

    You tube wax hauls

  15. ScentedPleasurez

    Essentials by catalina

    No, the one that i got i did not like lol,but their bases are pretty good.