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  1. Paintguru

    Reviews on Flamings brand new scents

    I order them all myself (I can't help it!), but mine haven't arrived yet. Glad to see there likely aren't any clunkers.
  2. Paintguru

    What fragrance do you love right now

    Pretty disappointed with the new Pumpkin Chai from CS, at least when it comes to hot throw in 4630. Reasonable if not strong cold throw, but very limited hot throw. I'll have to try the other Pumpkin Chai that I have from TFC to see if that is the same or different.
  3. Paintguru

    What is the easiest way to sell?

    To be completely accurate, I believe you need to sell a body product of some sort, not specifically soap. This is why I'll likely sell detangler/spray conditioner when I get my butt going and start to sell!
  4. Paintguru

    What fragrance do you love right now

    Well Apple Pie is a hit with my wife. I don't find it super strong, but good enough I'd say!
  5. Paintguru

    What fragrance do you love right now

    Just trialed Cactus and Sea Salt from ICS, which was a nice spa scent with great throw. Bourbon Soaked Raisins was pretty awesome too, but the throw wasn't as great. The new Apple Pie from CS is next up on the burn list.
  6. Paintguru

    Leave-in conditioning spray going bad?

    Apparently Ice Hair Restore is much less finicky than Varisoft EQ, so that may be an option for this. Or maybe I just have a bad batch of BTMS and need to see if a new order would fix the issue. Or I need both!
  7. Paintguru

    Leave-in conditioning spray going bad?

    Yeah my wife can smell it a mile away. I can smell it on occasion. Anyone have any other thoughts on a sub for the BTMS in a spray conditioner/detangler application? I forgot I had already added some CR, so I'm not sure I want to bump that up any more. E-wax/Polawax? Would lose some conditioning properties though, but maybe the smell too!
  8. Paintguru

    Leave-in conditioning spray going bad?

    I know this is an old one, but I finally got back and made another batch and did find the culprit. As TT noted, I believe it was the BTMS. After some Google searching, I found that the low tide smell is common for products with BTMS, but that some people are more sensitive to it than others. Next batch I'm going to lower the BTMS to maybe 1% and add Incroquat CR as well.
  9. Paintguru

    Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Oh sure, I'll give this a whirl. 1# of Vetyver Cafe and 1# Inlet Lakegrass.
  10. Paintguru

    Odd Topic - Heat Sources!

    Add my vote to the Prestos. Safe, easy, and nimble. I did add a spigot to mine, but I rarely use it at this point. I just melt, pour into a pour pot, and go.
  11. Paintguru

    Unscientific IGI 4630 Wick Test

    Just to follow up, I've tried Eco 4s and 6s at this point, and I seem to like the 6's the best. I feel like the Eco 4 left a little too much wax on the side of the container. I did add fragrance, and mushrooming was minimal, which is awesome. I will also note that 4630 does seem to throw much better for me than C4 soy (shocker I know!). I think I'll definitely switch over to 4630 full time once I start scaling up my products.
  12. Paintguru

    container supplier suggestions

    Do customers really like those high end containers? I worry about pricing when the container alone costs ~$4.50. They look awesome though.
  13. Paintguru

    container supplier suggestions

    That seems......expensive.
  14. Paintguru

    A good beer fo??

    Bringing this back as The Flamming Candle has just come out with a beer fragrance which I have in a recently poured candle waiting to be burned. Smells pretty true OOB and as cold throw. Not a complex craft beer or anything, but when you smell it, I feel like it does say "beer". I will see how it burns soon.
  15. Paintguru

    Flaming order

    I'm shocked how well Tobacco and Caramel smells. I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me. It is very complex and rich feeling. I'll have to try your other two. E&S sounds very fresh and clean, which are nice to have.