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  1. Paintguru

    Unscientific IGI 4630 Wick Test

    Just to follow up, I've tried Eco 4s and 6s at this point, and I seem to like the 6's the best. I feel like the Eco 4 left a little too much wax on the side of the container. I did add fragrance, and mushrooming was minimal, which is awesome. I will also note that 4630 does seem to throw much better for me than C4 soy (shocker I know!). I think I'll definitely switch over to 4630 full time once I start scaling up my products.
  2. Paintguru

    container supplier suggestions

    Do customers really like those high end containers? I worry about pricing when the container alone costs ~$4.50. They look awesome though.
  3. Paintguru

    container supplier suggestions

    That seems......expensive.
  4. Paintguru

    A good beer fo??

    Bringing this back as The Flamming Candle has just come out with a beer fragrance which I have in a recently poured candle waiting to be burned. Smells pretty true OOB and as cold throw. Not a complex craft beer or anything, but when you smell it, I feel like it does say "beer". I will see how it burns soon.
  5. Paintguru

    Flaming order

    I'm shocked how well Tobacco and Caramel smells. I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me. It is very complex and rich feeling. I'll have to try your other two. E&S sounds very fresh and clean, which are nice to have.
  6. I posted a thread a week or so ago on the wick results. The consensus was I may have been a bit large on the wicks. I did order Eco 4s and 6s to try, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. After my testing I'll likely stay with the Eco line, but I need to zero in on the exact size.
  7. Paintguru

    Need your criticism please

    Gun to my head, I like the 3rd one best. I do not like that there are 3 different sizes of font...that is the first thing I noticed. I agree that "Trading" should not be the biggest font, since your company name is really Eastland. I do like the overall feel of it though, it is clean, the flame is cute, and it just seems professional.
  8. Paintguru

    Flaming order

    Pam, what is your starting point for how much patch to add to a second scent? I'm thinking < 25% since it is meant to compliment more than take over the scent.
  9. OOB, I love this scent. I haven't tested it in a candle yet though.
  10. Paintguru

    Unscientific IGI 4630 Wick Test

    Yeah I may try a Eco 4/6. I've liked Eco thus far and wouldn't mind continuing to use them. I can't find paper cores at my regular suppliers (or I'm too stupid to know what to look for)....what and where does one order when using paper cores?
  11. Paintguru

    Unscientific IGI 4630 Wick Test

    I went off the recommendations from the supplier and chose the smallest and middle of the road one. I almost thought the Eco 8 was a bit underpowered with the residual wax on the side until it melted it at the end.
  12. I can't seem to post in the official wick test subforum, so if someone wants to move this, feel free. I ordered a bunch of wick samples and tried a few with my 2.75" diameter tins. I didn't do any measurements, and I burned them as I feel a typical user would...randomly. Sometimes I had them run long, other times, they were short burns. Attached is the progression of each of the samples, along with the wick ID. No fragrance was used. Initial burn. The zinc 34-40 was clearly underpowered for this candle setup. The other zinc mushroomed pretty quickly off the bat. . Burn #2. The CDs seem to burn pretty hot, with a big flame. Even the small zinc mushroomed a bit. I prefer the burn pattern and flame size of the two Prems, HTP73, and the Eco8. Burn #3: Same story (IMO). Two Prems, along with the HTP73 and the Eco have left a little wax on the edge, but that is melting slowly but surely. CD's are fully melted, with the HTP93 almost completely melted as well. Zinc 44-24-8 seems like the right power, but still significant mushrooming. Final Result: CDs showing minor mushrooming as well, along with the zinc. I feel like the Eco8, the Prems, and the HTPs did pretty well, however the Prems and the HTPs left some residual soot on the edge of the tin that the Eco did not seem to leave.