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  1. Hi there ladies. I'm so confused now. I spoke to Susie at Handmade Studio which is their walk in area for vendors. I've been going there randomly for about 1 1/2 years (ISH) and had not ever seen a sale that great online or in store. Being curious I called to check and maybe help us all to know the date or around about date and she said no that they have not had a 35% off sale. The best she recalled was 20% off. Perhaps Susie just isn't aware of this sale. But please if anyone can confirm 100% that this was a sale for everyone and not a tiered sale I'd love to know. I do really want to grab a few, especially VBN! Thanks so much again ladies! πŸ˜‡
  2. Hi @Daisymay66 I would also love to know what time of year this usually happens. I wanted to get the VBN last 20% off sale but figured being that I had just done a large ICS order as well as FB and now RE I skipped the WSP 20% because I figured I can save even more to just wait for the 35-% off sale a few of the girls said they had. @katmeltswax any idea of the time of year? You ladies got me wanting the VBN as well as the Maple Pecan Strusel. Thanks so much! πŸ˜‡πŸ’•
  3. Marleigha

    Rustic Escentuals Scent Event is coming up!

    Hello there! I'm so glad that you loved Issey! That one I just fell in love with! As well as Interlude. Those 2 16 oz. bottles alone cost me around $56 but they are soooo... wort it. Ironically enough I also had ordered a 16 oz bottle of Beachwood Vetiver & Purple Sandalwood. I also went ahead and got the 16 oz bottle of Clothespins and I do truly love it! I'm a sucker for clean smells! I ordered 60 of the 1 oz samples again this year. So being that I was going to order the 16 oz bottle of Flannel Sheets and switched it, I also grabbed a 1 oz of Flannel Sheets and I actually loved it OOB. Did you think it was to overwhelming? I'm going to be placing another order next month and will be adding a few others as well. Goodness! I now see that this whole FO-HO thing is a real thing lmao! Crazy! But I love smelling NG new FO's soooo much! Do you have any favs from JS or CS? I would love to hear your thoughts on those as well.
  4. I have also tried NG Orange Clove and it's really wonderful in my wax! They also have Marmalade Spice that I haven't put in wax yet but it certainly smells good OOB. Also with what @soshiegirl said I haven't smelled the mandarin spice by itself but I did just order the mandarin coconut and it's actually a blend of mandarin spice and coconut and it's amazing!!! HTH! πŸ˜‡
  5. Marleigha

    Rustic Escentuals Scent Event is coming up!

    I have to agree with you about their shipping sometimes. I guess it's based off of where you live. I'm in Ohio and they are in Sorth Carolina so at first I figured my shipping would be reasonable. My friend lives in Indianapolis and her shipping was much lower than mine. I am still baffled at how their shipping prices work. But I quickly figured out that the more you add the more reasonable shipping becomes. I ordered 13, 1 pound bottles & 60, 1 oz bottles and my shipping was $29.71 Which is still higher than Candle Science which is further away from me and only $21.63 but their oils are unique and I love them for that and they always perform so well in my wax. So maybe try a few 8 oz or 16 oz bottles along with your samples. The shipping certainly improves the more you add. Kwim? I hope this helps.
  6. Marleigha

    Rustic Escentuals Scent Event is coming up!

    Sarah I promise you once you put it in product your going to absolutely fall in love. It's really a very versatile FO. Well to my nose anyways. My good friend who lives in Indianapolis told me to give it a try, that she loves it! So for the scent event last year I ordered it... OOB I wasn't a fan so it just sat and sat. She asked me if I had tried it yet and I told her no. She said just put it in product and then let her know what I thought . I just so happened to be talking to another friend of mine who has also used Issey and she said just put a dab of it on your arm and smell it 2 or 3 minutes later. So about 3 minutes later on that very day is when I fell incredibly head over heals in love with the Issey from RE. Then once you put it in wax it's DREAMY! Please do share your thoughts on it once it arrives. I placed a rather large order the very last day of the sale with RE. I was really sooo..... shocked when I got an email this morning saying my order from RE already shipped! It's scheduled to arrive Friday by the end of the day!!! I expected it to be delayed due to the sale and what the website said. The website said something about orders could take up to 2 weeks to ship, that's why I was so shocked! πŸ˜‡ What else did you order? I took your suggestion and ordered a 16 oz bottle of Clothespins instead of getting the 16 oz bottle of Flannel Sheets. Your description of it sounded so fresh and clean without being overwhelming. Thanks so much again! πŸ˜‡
  7. Marleigha

    Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    How did the skittles FO turn out for you?
  8. Marleigha

    Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    I know this post is really old, but I'm getting ready to place an order with Fillmore and just figured I might as well add 1-2 of their FO's. So I searched and this post came up. I only have about 10 of their FO's which includes Iced Lemon Biscotti & Christmas Tree.... But what does Nutmeg Ginger smell like? I have a plain Nutmeg FO & it's a nice mixer but have never smelled Nutmeg ginger and it seems extremely popular. Also does anyone else have any suggestions from Fillmore for FO's? I'm not in a huge hurry I just need a few lids for some candle jars. Thanks everyone! πŸ˜‡
  9. Sooo.... good! To my nose it's a dead on dupe. I could bathe in this FO. This is one I put on my wrist and just sniff all day. Lol πŸ˜‚
  10. Oh your so welcome! Try Issey and also try Interlude! My goodness girl... so good! Soooooo... SO GOOD! πŸ’• And if you don't like them I'll take them off your hands. πŸ˜‡
  11. Hi Kat! Your so welcome. There's a lot I haven't tried from RE, but they are one of my main suppliers and I ❀ their oils. There have only been a handful that haven't performed well in my wax. I've probably tried close to 150 of their fragrance oils. Last time they had their sample sale I grabbed 60 1 oz bottles along with a few 1# bottles. I know that's a lot of 1 oz. samples at once, but being that I make wax melts it's a nice small amount to test. And when I do test them and they perform well I just keep a record in the notes section of my phone so next time I place an order I know what ones to get a # bottle of. It works out great for me. In regards to the WSP sale I did call their sister store today (Handmade Studio) and spoke to the manager and asked her if she ever recalls a 35% off sale & she told me that they have never had a 35% off sale that she can recall. I don't know who had initially mentioned that kind of upcoming sale but she said there's not going to be anything that good online. She said the only thing that will get me close to 35% off is if your local.... They do an extra 10% off for shopping in store so when they have a 25% off sale, I can go in store and get an extra 10% off. But being completely honest, I won't drive all the way there (40 minutes away) for just the one bottle kwim? I just placed an order when they had their 25% off sale at the end of June. Ugh! But, I do need some VBN. Maybe I will do an ISO and try it that way. 😬 Yes definitely.... @lightmyfire was a doll for offering that. I have found many of the women/men here are all so kind! I'm lucky to have found this site for sure!!!
  12. Hi @ellajoan the Essence of Jesus to my nose is definitely an earthy masculine scent. Here are the scent notes: A woody myrrh fragrance adorned with a touch of lavender, clove leaf, and patchouli set upon a bed of sweet musk. Very earthy and masculine. I personally smell the myrrh, patchouli, and then musk. With the sale a 1 oz. is only a buck I definitely think it's worth it to try. πŸ‘πŸΌ Anyways, HTH
  13. Marleigha

    What are your favorite RE FOs

    I will definitely grab the Clothespins this go round then. I love clean smells, earthy smells, fruity smells, bakery smells, etc... I'm not really picky to be 100% honest. But clean smells are probably my favs. I have to agree with you about the Cuban Tobacco, Vanilla Lace, Amish Quilt & Sweet Amber Musk. So will definitely have to try Blackberry Sage and Artica. TFS! πŸ˜‡
  14. Marleigha

    What are your favorite RE FOs

    Oh it is! And it's definitely a fantastic mixer as well!!! πŸ˜‡
  15. Hi Kat! Yes I think I will just wait for the 35% off sale for WSP. I absolutely want to try VBN, but have to be smart w/my money. With 20% off it would be $29.21 plus Ohio tax per bottle of VBN. With the 35% off on VBN it would be $25.32 plus tax which is a whole lot more appealing to my pockets. πŸ˜‚ I wish I could try it first but it is what it is... I have so many oils to destash that I just went through and realized I have double of! Ugh! Did you ever get any of the Cinnamon Graham Latte from lightmyfire? I told her I appreciated her super generous offer but I couldn't take any of her oil. After all.... you wanted it first. πŸ˜‰ As for Rustic Escentuals.... Kat I think you will absolutely love their FO's girlfriend!!! I bought a 16 oz of Children's Room for the first time about 9 ISH months ago and completely fell in love with it. Got down to my last 4 oz and ordered another bottle and gave the remainder to a friend & she is also in love with it. I just couldn't believe such a softer scent would throw so well. That is one I thoroughly enjoy in my wax. But some of my other favs are: Barbershopο»Ώ 1920's- A very nice smelling clean/masculine scent. Smells like my grandfather used to smell when he was finished shaving. ❀ this one!!! Strawberry- I am actually impressed with this one. At first I thought it would just be a whatever strawberry but I really like it. One of my favorite Strawberries I have found this far. Issey Miyake- Hard to explain but to my nose I think this is such a sexy scent! It's a perfume that is clean and earthy at the same time. I HIGHLY recommend this one! Here are the notes: Base notes of Verbena, Tangerine, Cypress, and Yuzu Zest set the stage for a sexy middle of Coriander, Clary Sage, Geranium Bourbon, Blue Water Lily, Nutmeg, Saffron, with a memorable dry down of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Amber Tobacco, Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Musk. ❀❀❀ Cuban Tobacco- Just Yum-dilly-icous! 😜 Blackberry Scone- Heavy Blackberry with a bakery backnote. Amish Quilt- very nice scent for Fall but some people want it all year! Coconut Cream Pie- ❀ their CCP Baked Apple HI- best around Vanilla Lace- strongest dupe I've found Toasted Marshmallow- Best creamy vanilla I have found Lemon Curd- strong lemon that smells like a lemon head to my nose. ο»ΏBora Bora- Amazing year round fruity smell ο»ΏChristmas Cheer- very nice Christmas scent Bamboo Sugarcane- super clean!!! I have more for sure! Is there anything in particular that you are looking for?