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Strawberries & Cream


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This smells so good. I added a splash of Peaks strawberry FO but I actually think the smell of the cream and real strawberries is showing up too. Smells like a strawberry cake. I've never done this recipe before but I will definitely do it again. Yum!

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I did cut it but it was a different color inside so I thought I'd give it some time before I posted a cut pic. It's still a nice red on the outside but more tanish on the inside. The smell is delish, BUT it almost seems like I am the only one who can smell it. Everyone that comes into my shop is forced to smell it - lol. To me it is very strong and everyone else is saying they can't smell anything or a very light smell. It should be the other way around with all the scent I'm dealing with, I should be the one having a hard time smelling it. So I'm not sure how it will end up.

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