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New FO at Peaks?


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I haven't seen this one before, so it must be new. I just noticed it for the first time today.

ISLAND NECTAR The scent of Island Nectar fragrance oil bursts with tropical excitement! Ripe mango, juicy pineapple and wild berries are blended with hints of sugar in this exotic creation. Shimmering green accents amplify the natural fruit sensation as hints of plumeria add texture to the fragrance. A base of coconut milk balances with hints of musk; for lasting sweetness!

Top - fruity, watery, pineapple, citrus

Middle - tropical fruit, berry, green, floral

Bottom - coconut milk, musk

Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products http://www.peakcandle.com/products/Island-Nectar-Fragrance-Oil__F1157.aspx

AMBER ROMANCE Enchanting and romantic, this glowing fragrance is an enticing blend that combines black cherry and warm sandalwood. Hints of lush white jasmine add balance for a calming effect. Rich vanilla bean and soft musk add sensual appeal.

Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products. http://www.peakcandle.com/products/Amber-Romance---VS-Type-Fragrance-Oil__F1158.aspx

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Of course they would post this today, since I just ordered yesterday! I did get a sample of the Black Raspberry Vanilla to compare with WSP. The Amber Romance might interest me if it is not too heavy on the black cherry. Will be interested in reviews. Peak's rarely disappoints!

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Yes, the Island Nectar looks soooo good! I have to place another order, will be putting this in as well. Black Raps. van. from Peak was great. RetroMetroChic- there is a small sale currently at Peak. It is is their email newsletter. I do not think we can post sale info here, but somewhere on Marketplace it should be listed. PM me if you need info on it.

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