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Beware of this scam


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I develop web sites for people who have craft sites. One of my customers just got scammed over the holidays. They placed an order with her, came back and said she had to pay for the shipping. She paid for the shipping with her own money. Never received the money from Pay Pal. She is now suspended from Pay Pal. Over $2,000.

Please beware of customers purchasing huge quanites.


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The shippping co. and the shop guy is the scammer.

A person orders off from your Web site. They order $2,000 worth of candles. They are going to sell them in his shop in Spain. They order everything through Pay Pal. You would have $2,000 in your Pay Pal account. So the guy in Florida says I will have a shipping truck come and pick them up, but before he comes to your location you have to pay the shipping co. You go into your checkbook cut a check to the shipping co. $1,500. Follow me - your thinking I just made a easy $500.00. In the meantime the money that is sitting in Pay Pal is past its three or four days of waiting to be ok. You go to Pay Pal to get the money and they

say oh sorry that transaction never went through.

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These are fairly common- usually called Nigerian Scams (many of them originated from Nigeria)...

What happens is I buy $3,000 in candles from you(the seller) and tell you I am going to pay you $4,000 by check, money order, paypal. etc... I ask that you take the over payment and pay my "shipper" who is going to pick up the items for me. So you send the items to me, pay the shipper with the overpayment and then days or a week later find out that the check, money order paypal payment did not go through at all. Then you are out by the amount of the overpayment that you paid to the shipper and you are out product costs, too.

It throws up red flags for most, but this is still a successful scam, unfortunately.:rolleyes2

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The crazy thing is these people often ask for everything to be rushed because they will be used in an orphanage in Nigeria... Why on earth would would an orphanage need a few thousand dollars worth of candles??!? :shocked2::confused::shocked2:

That is why they claim they cannot wait for payment to clear- things like that. Sellers are sooo happy because they have a gigantic order, they do not see the red flags...

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