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  1. I've done it a couple of times and have never been "burned" per se but I've never come out ahead either. Between ruined and lost merchandise, stock that sits and sits (my money and time), and the store's inevitable closing, the consignor doesn't stand much of a chance. However, if you happen to find the magic combination, it can work. It is a learning experience, that's for sure. I will never do it again but I am glad that I did try it.
  2. I use C3 and ECO's. I've only dabbled in double wicking but when I do play around with it, I always start with ECO 4 and go from there.
  3. It is best not to reply at all. You are just confirming that they have a valid email address if you reply. Delete, delete, delete.
  4. Off the top of my head, three of the strongest that I use from CandleScience are Hazelnut Coffee, Very Vanilla and Pumpkin Souffle.
  5. I use C3 and my candles are kickbutt strong. I usually use 1.25 - 1.5 pp depending on the oil. I use Eco wicks. Not all FOs will take the same wick size even in the same container so you might want to buy a sample pack. Make sure you cure your candle before burning. I usually try to cure a week if I can.
  6. You can't expect instant success. It takes years to build a following and a business.
  7. I use C-3 which is similar to 464 and I make chunk candles all the time. I let the overpour wax cool to 145 before pouring. They don't bleed when you pour them but they bleed after a few weeks.
  8. Wicking the jars. Ordering supplies (and paying for them). Trying to guess what the public wants to buy.
  9. It was fine for me too. Did you try a different browser? Sometimes that makes a difference.
  10. And I would recommend that you pick just one of those three containers to play around with first. Once you get the hang of wicking that one with different scents the others will be easier. You will drive yourself crazy testing three different containers with varying fragrances.
  11. I would try one size down. If your wick is too big, it can drown also because it just tunnels down to fast and drowns. I use Eco wicks a lot. They shouldn't drown with a 1/4 inch trim.
  12. Maybe its my area but I have never had a problem with a Scentsy rep. They are just regular people as far as I can tell. I'm sure some are jerks but I've seen plenty of jerks selling at craft shows who have nothing to do with Scentsy.
  13. I always save my labels as a PDF on my hard drive. Then when I want to print, I just print from Adobe. I only use Maestro to create a new label so I'm not sure how it works if you just want to print directly from Maestro.
  14. If it's a scent you think your customers should be buying (as opposed to something out of the ordinary for your customer base), I would try just changing the name before blending it and trying a whole new scent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but it's a relatively cheap and easy thing to try before going the other route.
  15. Love them, especially the baby dragons. I would buy one just because they are so cute!
  16. No biggie. I just wanted to clarify the difference (to me) of simply not liking a fragrance vs. not being able to really smell it at all. For those of us who smell the fuel smell, that is literally all we smell. When I smell an orange candle burning, I do not smell any orange at all, none. That's different than smelling lavender and hating it but still being able to appreciate that its a good, strong fragrance for those who like that scent. It's probably hard for others to imagine that predicament. You're fine, don't worry about it. You have scads of knowledge and experience and I look forward to reading your posts and learning from them.
  17. I stock plenty of fragrances I don't like but I'm not willing to sell something that smells like fuel to me even if it might not smell that way to others. If I can't smell it properly, I can't assess its throw or its strength throughout the burn. This is different than simply not liking a scent. My customers will just have to get their orange fix with the melts, room spray or pot pourri I sell but not with a candle. If they want a candle, there are plenty out there they can buy from someone else and that's okay with me. Moonshine - I haven't tried JS cranberry orange but I have tried several versions of SOCP including MC and they all smell like fuel to me. Every once in a while I'll add a sample orange to an existing order from various suppliers and whip up a candle with a hope and a prayer but at this point, I'm not on an active search. I'll keep JS in mind though, thanks.
  18. I must be ultra sensitive to this. I have tried tons of orange scents because I love that scent and I would love to add it to my line. It would be such a great mixer with so many other scents! With every single one I've tried, no matter who the supplier, no matter what the percentage, all I smell is fuel. Even if I just use a 25% ratio of orange to another scent, all I smell is the fuel. I know that it is me because I can have someone else smell it while it is burning and they just smell the real scent. I finally, reluctantly, gave up trying. I can't stand to sell a candle that I can't smell correctly even if my best friend says it smells great.
  19. I pick it up and pour it in my pot. The only time I ladle it is when I want to use just a portion and need to weigh it first. One of my prestos does does have a spigot but I find that its just a pain to use so I just ignore the spigot.
  20. I buy one at a time but I'm not much of a FOHo. If I'm happy with the first one I buy, I stop there. The only time I buy more than one of the same scent is if perhaps there are several similar scents from the same supplier. For example, if I'm looking for an orange and the supplier has several oils with an orange base, I might get samples of each.
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