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Panic Plastic vs Impact Plastic for clamshells - opinions?

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I haven't ordered from Impact, but, I have recently from Panic. I ordered the minimum which was a case of 865 I'm thinking. They shipped the same day and after shipping costs were added in they end up costing me $.19 a piece. Not sure what Impacts come out to be. Sorry I can't be of more help than that.


Wow, if I buy from a local chandler I think they're 86 cents a piece. I'm pretty sure that's what she said.

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Thank you everyone!

Excellent! I just ordered a few samples from Panic. The shipping for 4 clamshells was $12.95 - yikes - so I called. They said everything was tied directly to UPS or FedEx but if I was comfortable giving them my credit info my phone, they could send them out USPS for $5. I was fine with that.

I really like that they only have a one box minimum compared to Impact. And they have the "regular" size and the larger size.

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