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To the forum :) I've been making candles though on and off for the past 8yrs or so. I have only made them for family and friends of family parties etc. I deal with an autoimmune disease which kicks me down more often then not so as much as I hate to admit I'm not very reliable to take orders to sell them sadly... My daughters who are grown and have their own homes LOVE them and keep telling me to just make what I can and sell them online or ebay or whatever lol So we shall see. But, I do love this site and love looking at the pics. of all the pretty candles everyone makes :smiley2:

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Welcome to the board.. I am quite new myself and find this board to be a great resource as well as filled with alot of wonderful people that share the same love for candles.. Do what you can when you are feeling well and whatever makes you smile.. Thats the key to happiness :)

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