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Took a stand today against a fraudulent charge backs


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I had a customer place an order July of last year and file a chargeback 5 months later claiming the charge was not authorized. The guy won even though is was shipped confirmed address he provided and someone at the office signed for it.

Today the same guy placed another order for almost $200.00. I cancelled his order and sent him an email that I refused his business because of the fraudulent chargeback he filed last year.

I was so angry that this guy would have the nerve to order again I decided to call the business he wanted it shipped to to let them know this person was using their address to obtain merchandise.

Guess what, turns out it was not a guy that I wanted to ream a new one. It was one of the employee's using the owner of the business's credit card to make purchases. That is why the sale was confirmed. The person used her boss's name and business address but used her business email extension and personal phone number. Thanks to my phone call the owner is happy and has one less dishonest employee. How ballsy do you have to be to pull something like that? Steal from your boss and have it shipped to the same office.

Had this person never ordered again I would have just let it go, but to try to get me twice? I just wanted to talk to the person to let them know they stole from a human being, not a large company that can just write off stuff like that.

God only knows what else this employee was buying with his money.

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Good for you. It's amazing the nerve people have nowadays that they would one fraudently use their bosses cc and work address to order and two that they would be so stupid as to do it again with the same supplier no less. I hope that stunt was worth losing their job over and more than likely effecting any job they will try to get. I don't know about alot of people but I know I can't afford to do something stupid that's gonna cost me my job. They are too hard to come by anymore. Put a score on the board for Karma!!

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