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I need a Lifesaver! Butter Rum to be precise :D


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Its for my sister. She lives across the country from me, and drives 2 hours to get to some candle place because they have a candle in this fragrance. I told her I'd scour to find a duplicate and send her a few for Christmas.

Where does she get it? Maybe one of us has smelled it and can help.

TCS has a great one.

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I have some Bert's Heaven Scent "Hot Buttered Rum" and it reminds me of butterscotch candies. I don't recall the lifesaver, but if it was anything like the hard golden butterscotch candies, this is likely a good place to start. Very strong by the way.

It was a wonderful scent, however, due to slow sales, it was discontinued. :cry2:

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I have 2 ounces but was going to use it. I have some already mixed in soy wax for my soy experiment that was on the forum a while back. I can scoop some of the already mixed soy and Hot Buttered Rum and put it in a snack bag (and put a drop or two on a small paper napkin) if you like.

I can also send you a Jamaican Bay Rum tealight, but I think that is probably more on the spicy side.

Just PM me with a mailing addy and I'll send it off.

Sounds, though, like it was discontinued?

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