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Pics of M&P soap with fish embeds, my grand kids made


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This is 6 year old Livvies soap


This is 4 year old Gabe's soap. He put a price tag on one, we were playing soap shop after we made the soap.


This is 9 year old Annika's . She can't wait to help me at shows and markets.


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Bet they like coming to see grandma and do fun things! Those pics made me smile. Keep teaching them.

Looks like Gabe wants 1,008 for his - but I know it's 1.00$. I could never understand why the dollar sign went first either ... that's not the way you say it.

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so fun! I love that kids can get involved... Osion?sp? is brambleberries little soap studio in Bellingham (my home town) and they do little classes for kids where they do this stuff for birthdays and kids love it!!

I always think someday if I had a shop it would be fun to do things like this from time to time.. I cant wait until my kids take an interest.

PS tell him he should charge 1,008 for it! hehe

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thank you ladies :)

It was a lot of fun for all of us. I put a half an inch of M&P in their molds and they arranged their fish ( Gabe wanted to dump a handful in, we talked him down to a few lol), then we let that sit for 1/2 an hour , we made a lip balm each for them ( I keep my little bits of leftover for them to make a lip balm), then I poured the mold 3/4 full and they put the rest of the fish in. I popped the molds in the fridge so they hardened up quicker.

Some ideas for embeds. marbles, small erasers, dollar stores have tons of little things that work.

I think Gabe should charge 1,008 too. I didn't know how good he was with numbers etc until he wrote that out.

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