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Some Soaps


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Here's some of the latest ones, with questions about color and fading.

This is my second batch of Black Amber and Lavender, first got DOS


Matcha Tea


Green Tweed




Kimono, right after pour


After gel, see how much the colors faded? Am I doing something wrong?


Cut bars, colors are still bright inside the bars.


Abita Beer Soap with Burberry F/O


Amber Romance


Arabian Spice, after pour


After Gel


cut Bars: bottom two bars on side view, one on top is the backside of mold and the one by itself is top side view.


Am I doing something wrong on the slab mold stuff? It seems like my colors fade horribly in this mold. Could it have something to do with gel? Plus two of them got DOS, both with a lavender f/o (all vegi recipe, 5 % sf, no water discount). Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks for looking.

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Where is the lavender from? Is is EO or FO? And the colors could be fading because you may have a little bit of ash going on. Mine sometimes fade when I don't cover the top of my soaps with plastic wrap.

If you wash the top of the soap does the color brighten a little or not?

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The two batches that got DOS were Black Amber and Lavender (Brambleberry) and I combined Lavender (purple section) and Vanilla, Vanilla (brown sections only) for the second batch (both from Brambleberry). I got ash on both, but also spots.

This is the Lavender and Vanilla, Vanilla, seems like the spots are mostly on the part of the soap that only had the Lavender F/O in it. The ash that both get on them washes off, but I get the DOS back. I can live with it, I love both of these scents and will keep them as my private stash.


I use a all vegi recipe, RTCP, 5% superfat and no water discount.

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Ok, now for some more questions. What is the recipe and is it really humid there? Humidity can contribute to DOS but I would like to see your recipe.

What are you curing your soaps on and what are you using to cut them?

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Some answers,

Recipe is a revised Brambleberry recipe (the one they send out in the CP kits)

Avocado oil 4 oz 9%

Castor 3 oz 6.8%

Jojoba 3 oz 6.8%

Coconut 11.4 oz 25.8%

Olive 11.4 oz 25.8%

Palm 11.4 oz 25.8%

16.75 oz water and 6.05 oz lye. 5% sf, no water discount.

I made this batch on April 24, it might have been starting to get humid here (Southern Louisiana is humid except for deep winter), but I think we were still having the little bit of spring we actually got here. So temps were in the 70's for highs and the humidity didn't start getting bad here until May. I had them in my laundry room with wire shelving, but the soap is in open plastic baskets with fans blowing on them. The Black Amber and Lavender batch was in Feb and still developed DOS while we were still in winter and I still had the fans on to circulate the air even though it was cold. I cut the soap with a pastry cutter one bar at a time. I, also, have moved all the soap that has been curing for 4 to 6 weeks into my DD's room on another shelf (in A/C and under a ceiling fan) in boxes (for each batch) in the beginning of May. I have about 66 batches since the beginning of 2010 and these are the only 2 batches with DOS (only on the face of the bar) , same recipe for both. Thanks.

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The colors in the Kimono soap were pop colors (lemondrop yellow, Raspberry, blueberry and purple), but even when I use the oxides they fade a little or get that ash on top. I wondered if it might be the high temps when it gels that makes them fade a little.

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Those are some gorgeous swirls and soap!!!!

Mine tend to fade a bit too. They always look so shiny when first poured but fade and dull a little after gelling. Didn't really answer your question but they are still gorgeous!!

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For the Lavender and Vanilla, Vanilla batch, it was probably a three or four weeks. To me, it looked like it only browned on the lavender part. For the Black Amber and Lavender it had grey ash (over the purple color) the day after pouring. I washed it off and a couple of weeks later, the spots were back. Almost looks like rust spots.

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