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    I'm a busy wife and mom of 4. I work full time as an RN and run my hobby business in my free time (ha ha whats that?)
    I've been making soap since 2004 and love it as much today as I did in the beginning. I have an unhealthy relationship with wax. I'll just leave it at that.
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    I love anything related to soap making or bath and body production. I love candles, tarts and anything that smells yummy!

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  1. Faerywren

    An observation

    You would do a blend of container soy and pillar soy.
  2. Faerywren


    I love Safiya's videos. Have y'all seen the one where she melted down one of all the lipsticks that Sephora had? I'm not a huge fan of YouTube personalities, but if I had to watch one, it would be her.
  3. Faerywren

    From gifts to hobby

    Welcome! There is a wealth of information here and lots of helpful folks.
  4. Faerywren

    Lotion bar packaging advice

    Yep, those are the ones. I have round and elliptical in varying ounces, so I can make different shapes and sizes.
  5. Faerywren

    Lotion bar packaging advice

    When I packaged my bars in tins I've set them on wax paper before. Now I pour directly into souffle cups. Voila! Molds and packaging in one.
  6. Faerywren

    Dang it, Candybee

    You could also use a "low sweat" M&P base. That's what I switched to. I didn't like using the plastic wrap or shrink wrap or bags either. The low sweat bases work really well and I can package in a box or with a band.
  7. Faerywren

    Organizing 1oz FOs

    If I don't like something on its own, I may be able to use it in a "limited time" blend. If it's just a straight up dud, it gets pitched. I don't want to keep moving it around or forgetting that it sucked, so I just get rid of it.
  8. Faerywren

    Christmas scent

    Is FC Flaming?
  9. Faerywren

    Alternatives to Etsy?

    Artfire. Wow, I didn't realize that was still a thing. I wonder if my store is still there after sitting idle for 13 years? 😂
  10. Faerywren

    I worked on my website today!

    I like the idea of a drop down menu for scents, but I'd like the scents separated by category. I don't want to scroll through evvvveeeerrryyy scent when I know I want something bakery or masculine etc.
  11. I know people sell panties they've worn online. The take a picture of them wearing the panties and then state how many hours they were worn. People are paying big bucks.
  12. Faerywren

    Warming oils

    Straight FO will smoke and get gummy in a warmer. The FOs are mixed with DPG to prevent that.
  13. Faerywren

    Fig & Honey? Other figgy scents?

    Mediterranean Fig from CandleScience is nice. Fig Leaf and Cassis from WSP was a big seller for me (men really liked it), but now they only offer it special order of 25lbs. 😞
  14. Faerywren

    Vinyl Banners - Where I get them

    Pardon my ignorance, but why is there a beer graphic on your candle banner?
  15. Faerywren

    supplier closed - need tart wax replacement

    That KY133 is amazing! It was my favorite for many years until I started blending my own.