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Faster than a heat gun

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When you have a lot of tops to smooth at once during production, I have a timesaving tip for you.

This may not work for everyone and takes care to get things adjusted for your conditions.

I use my broiler.

I have adjusted the oven's top rack's distance and the broil times so that I can smooth the tops of many jars at the same time. Much faster than heat gunning so many jars.

You have to be carefull at first. I would not try this with a gas oven. Do not get the jar tops too close to the broil element. I have found 4 inches to be safe for me.

In a totally cold oven I have found that the first set of jars usually takes 4 minutes. If the oven door was kept closed, then the second set of jars usually takes 3 minutes for me.

My oven has a cook timer in addition to the regular timer. I use the cook timer for safety as the oven will shut off after the cook timer runs out. That way If I get distracted by something, I don't have a disaster.

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Definitely a good idea. Other variations of this work as well. You don't strictly need to direct heat to the top of the candles. With a gas oven, you can preheat to 300 degrees, then put in a tray of candles and turn off the oven. The time to leave them in will vary, so you have to refine the technique for your situation, but it should be something like 10 minutes to smooth out the tops.

If you make a lot of candles, a heat gun isn't really practical. I've heard of people setting up a table with heat lamps.

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I've heard of people setting up a table with heat lamps.

I have one of the 4 foot long overhead lamps. I've used it to pre-heat my jars but never used it to heat the tops. The only down side with one that large is it has to be directly wired to the fuze/breaker box. In my county that required a permit and inspection plus a dedicated electrical-rated fire extinguisher within 3 feet of the lamp.

Didn't know all that when I got it. Other methods for smaller batches is soooo much easier!

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I tried this before with soy and parrafin candles to melt down wax. Never thought of doing it for leveling tops. Good idea.

I wonder if it would work for glow palm too? I'm not sure if it would mess with the crystal pattern. But it would sure save me time as I do several cases at a time.

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Do you think it would be okay to do this with different fragrances in the oven at the same time? I carry so many different fragrances that I usually only pour 5-8 jars of each fragrance at a time (unless it's a large order of one scent, such as a fundraiser). I'm paranoid that the scents will mingle, but my mind says it's probably okay--just need reassurance!!:rolleyes2

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