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Kentucky Derby party


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I'm making some candles for our annual Kentucky Derby party the first Saturday in May. I'll be making red rose (from CS) since it's the "Run for the Roses." And I want to also make green Mint Julep candles since the mint julep is the official drink of the Derby.

Anyone tested mint julep from Aroma Haven or Just by Nature? I'm a little leary of the JBN one since it says it has lemon it in. Mint Juleps do not have lemon in them!

Or any other supplier? I may just go with spearmint - not sure yet.

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Spa Mint Medley from MMS (thesage.com) is REALLY nice. Their Wild Mint+Ivy is nice too, I dont get ivy as much as mint... but the Spa Mint Medley would work really well, I'm going to order some in a few days. I won a perfumers kit from them and its one of my favorites!

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I don't have any suggestions but wish you luck. As a horse lover and someone who is owned by 5 of them, I wish someone would make a horse scented candle because I think its the best smell in the world. I know if they ever do I could sell the heck out of them in my circle:D

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It's a really fun party! I'm trying to keep it simple by just having two scents: the roses and mint julep. I might give that spa mint medley a try from the Sage. I have never ordered any of their scents before. It's kind of far away for me.

I've never ordered from Taylored before either, but that vanilla bourbon spearmint sounds good.

Thanks for the ideas!

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