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Where do you buy baskets for gift basket making?

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General Dollar Store or The Dollar Tree.These aren't a huge basket but fine for a nice gift. For the bigger baskets maybe a craft store or JoAnn's. A few years ago I had a nice place on line in my favorites but with a couple computer crashes I no longer have that.

Might type in Baskets at wholesale cost.I do that alot when searching. Always find something.

Baskets don't go over big around here. Maybe someday I will make one up and put on my website. Maybe Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.


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The Dollar Tree..found the cutest bushel looking baskets for a buck!! Bought them last year and have also found cuter ones there to..just depends on what they have when you are there..I hope they have more of those I found..have sold 2 already since being on Etsy..they are worth checking out for baskets..

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Dollar Tree is always a good place to check. When I find cute ones I buy a whole stack. I'm sure people are like, "Why the heck does she need so many baskets?" :rolleyes2

We also have 3 decent thrift stores close to me with an aisle devoted to baskets. Great to pick through and see what other people gave up. You can usually find some really nice quality baskets for cheap.


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A couple years ago I found the "perfect" basket - great size, plain wicker so I could spray paint them - I was thrilled.

Unfortunately, I have not seen them since.....:mad:

Now, we usually wait until after the holidays and pick up clearance holiday baskets at Michaels. Also, the Christmas Tree Shop had the cutest gift boxes and pails that we used. Easy to shrink wrap and easy for people to transport if the gift had to travel....

The only problem I have had with the Dollar Store baskets is that they weren't very sturdy, so when I would shrink wrap them they would "twist" and lose their shape. I try to make sure that the basket has a sturdy rim on it.

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