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Christmas candles-what the heck


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With slow sales I'll take it all! Actually, I started pouring Fall and Christmas scents today. I stocked up early on the FO's, glad I did, as I have 2 fundraisers going right now and they all wanted Fall/Holiday scents.....

I guess they are getting in the mood....all the stores around here have Christmas trees and holiday decor in full swing!

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At my show last week I had alot of people that I normally see at my shows in November already working on Christmas shopping and asking if I had started making my Christmas gift baskets yet because they are trying to spread their shopping out as much as they can to avoid having all the expense hit their budget at the same time. Honestly I have already started doing quite a bit of my shopping too for the same reason. I already have a big tote of stuff put aside.

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I'm not complaining at all....just glad to see the orders coming in. I'm simply making an observation and wondered if anyone else has noticed a new trend this year.

I'm not talking Christmas shopping....just Christmas smells for candles..I've had alot of people stocking up for Christmas presents....but like I said first off..my earliest Christmas candle was Oct 18th last year...and this is just so much earlier.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Candy :)

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Pumpkin scents went crazy and Creme Brulee' this weekend.I still got floral sales, perfume sales and lavender too. Strange what people buy in the fall. I had no request for Christmas candles and never do. I have had them at shows and people say they smell like the real thing,BUT don't buy them.

My show was this weekend and the candle lady down from me said someone asked her if she had Christmas candles. She had mostly Halloween and fall scents. I was never asked.

I did great at this show.I made $400 and have a outside order from my best local customer.She orders the pumpkin candles and I also sell her my leftovers cheap.She will buy all I have.

This $400 show close to 50,000 people attended but the week before I did a show that had 150,000 people and only made $162. Next year I may ask to be moved from that building. .A vendor told me she had a place next to her. She does prim things and sells alot.Might be better for me to move out side. Same cost for a space.

So see just 25 miles from these 2 shows and look at the difference I made in sales. Amazes me. you never know.


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