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  1. Does it have any apple in it, or is it just the mulling spices and I would have to add some apple?
  2. Ok, so I just went to their website and cant find it! What the heck? Did they discontinue it? It was the most yummy Mulled Cider EVER! Does anyone know where I can get it? It was originally Snowtop's (thus the ST) so dont know if they sold it to another supplier? I will call them in the morning, but thought I'd get on here and check first since its like 1:30 a.m., lol. Any suggestions for a really deep mulling spices cider? Ugh, I hate trying to find dupes
  3. @SuzyK what I learned from taking the course has been essential to purchasing quality oils and knowing where to purchase. The industry is not regulated (and that is probably a good thing!) but you need to know what you are actually getting. Companies can put anything they want to in those bottles and call them "essential oils". I wanted to learn what was actually in the bottle. Was it a good crop? Where were the plants grown? (certain areas of the world grow certain plants with higher percentages of the constituent that makes that oil do what its suppose to do) I HIGHLY recommend taking a course if wanting to get into this field. Its worth it!
  4. Hi Suzy! I remember you too! Seems this thread is full of us "oldies but goodies". I have been in business for over 17 years. I wanted to incorporate e/o's in my products several years ago so I bit the bullet and took a certification course in aromatherapy. It so intrigued me that I went on into clinical aromatherapy and herbal medicine. There is A LOT to learn about essential oils. They are way more than just AROMA-therapy. I wish they would have never called it that. It makes it sound like its all about the aroma. Anyway, along with the main course study, there are additional classes you can take. One of them is formulating products. Maybe something like that would interest you? Let me tell you- it's so much to learn. But I am so glad I did, because I feel confident in my formulating now. I even do consultations and make individualized ointments, creams, lotions and such.
  5. I am going to have to correct my last comment. US Candle JUST called me back! They arent going anywhere, so that is really good news! Just really, really busy. I guess I can understand that. Just made me a little nervous. Anyway, he was very informative and took extra time with me since I had so many questions.
  6. Just a heads up on the Elite 200....I have been trying to get ahold of US Candle Supply since last week. There has been no answer on ANY of the 3 extensions. I left a message a couple of times last week, but no call back. A couple weeks ago they only had 9 cases of the Elite 200 in stock. And that was found after they told me they didnt have any in stock. I purchased one case of 2 different lot numbers out of those 9 cases. Sooo....its not looking good for this wax- from them anyway. Unless someone on here can tell us whats going on at US Candle supply that they arent there for at least a week now??
  7. So I dabbled a few years ago with Palm and never really accomplished anything wick-wise. I want to start playing again, and now curious to find out if there is anything I can add to make the crystallization pattern go away? (Don't hit me!) I know this is like asking a woodworker to paint over the grain of the wood, lol I realize a little paraffin would probably do it, but wondered if anyone else tried a plant based wax to achieve the look?
  8. Anyone using this wax? I had a sample from Elevance (before Cargill purchased it) and loved it. Got a case of the Cargill and am on the fence about ordering more. The newer case from Cargill has more whitish specks, from the palm, I believe. The older Naturewax didnt do this. Hot throw was AMAZING with the older sample. Might have a case of candle nose right now and will have to wait for it to cure to really be able to make a conclusion on that. I am told that Cargill changed the formula some. Anyone know anything about the formula change and why?
  9. I am freaking out right now! I have been pouring for 15+ years and NEVER wore a mask! Yesterday I poured for 8+ hours, then came home and made hot process soap. My shop is big and all open space (1250 sq ft, w/ another 350 sq ft gift shop, but I close that door) but I keep the windows closed most days, to keep down the drafts so they set up nice. I do take a walk and get fresh air between the candle pouring and the soap making. Yesterday was one of those days where I poured so many different scents, that I get a little scratchy throat so started thinking about the safety thing. I am REALLY mad at myself for not wearing a mask all these years! And hear I buy organic foods, never clean with chemicals, don't take any kind of medicine unless its an herb....and I go and pour with these dangerous f/0 and dont even think of wearing a mask?! Now mind you, its not every day I pour like this, just this time of year, but still.....I am freaking out. What have I done to my body?! I need to do a major DETOX!
  10. I just found this thread searching for info on how to make these. I've had a bag sitting here for a couple of years and when I tried to move it, it tore. Sooo time to do something with this! I love the look of these crystals. I put in 1 oz of f/o per pound of salt Crystal's. It looks VERY wet. Has anyone had any luck with these on a wax warmer? I want them to be used with the warmers, so not sure what to add or do to make the scent throw without scorching the oil (or starting a fire!)
  11. Thats insane! I was just getting an order together from them....are there any others that are that steep of an increase?
  12. Thank you, I will check them out! I don't use them as a supplier.....YET!
  13. I started out with Berts Christmas Tree (or something like that) and found Fillmore's to be similar. Well, now that their shipping AND price per bottle has gone up (besides being a little disgruntled from a previous purchase) I have to look elsewhere. Any suggestions to a match for their Christmas Tree?
  14. Some companies such as wholesalesuppliesplus are stating they are 100% natural. I have seen them on other supply sites as well but cant think of where right off the top of my head. I have just never purchased or tried them to know if they throw well or burn well. I guess I will give them a call and ask about the claim that they are "natural".
  15. Does anyone know of a good supplier of NATURAL fragrance oils? I have never tried any and would like to know if they throw well, burn well, or even exist for that matter. I am familiar with essential oils. Not those, but actually fragrance oils. I have a customer wanting as natural as possible but don't want to use essential oils due to the word going around they don't burn well...any suggestions?
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