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Must haves from Bittercreek


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Bitter Creek North

Strawberry Jam

BNL sandalwood vanilla

vanilla bean supreme

WYW buttery gingerbread

BNL peppercorn

BNL persimmon spice

BNL toffe maple crunch

blueberry muffin

Bitter Creek South

Sissies Lemon Pound cake

Bird of paradise

scratch cake

home spun sugar

These are ones i have tried and they were greta in both soy and parafin.

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bittercreek north

blueberry muffin :smells exactly like description.. deffinately a must have !!!

fresh apple : kind of has a spice to it, smells awesome for a christmas scent

country berry hotcakes: love it.. smells like pancakes in the morning

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Spiced Cranberry

Twigs and Berries

Lemon Bundt Cake Closeout

Pina Colada

Baby Powder


Candy Corn

Autumn Leaves

Campfire Smoke

Spiced Apple

All Hallows Eve

Lime,Leaf,& Lily

Toasted Marshmallow

Tutti Fruitti

Wildberry Zinger Tea

Countryberry Hotcakes

Pine Plantation

Northwoods Christmas



Green Apple

WYW Hot Apple Pie

Butterfly Kisses



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All of the scents we tried are from BCN

Must have (For us)

Cedar and Saffron (One of my favorite scents of all. Very rich and luxurious. Nice throw in Votive Blend)

Lime leaf and lily (Light and Zippy fruit and floral combo)

Olive Blossom (Subtile and very nice. Cathie's favorite scent this week)

Sagebrush and Pinionleaf (Nice fresh and macho)

Peppercorn (Spicy, throws well and is nice to burn next to a citrus candle) (I make votives, so sometimes we burn complimentary candles in adjacent rooms for that combination experience!)

Nag Champa. (This is Cathie's favorite Nag Champa. It is a bit lighter and more floral than Peaks. I slightly prefer peaks as it is a bit muskier and has a heavier edge. Both are very nice scents)

Sage Sweetgrass and Cedar. (Cedar gets an attitude! A rugged scent with a good cedar overtone. Throws fairly well.)

Dragon's Blood. (Strong throw, sexy scent, Some people love this scent, some hate it. Cathie and I both love it.)

Not total must haves, but great scents...

Amaretto (Sweet, strong, but nice. Great throw!)

Ginger Fig (A bit more fig than ginger, but a nice scent)

Ginger Lime (Almost made the must have list. Not as strong a throw as some scents, but makes up for it by tickling the nose with a well balanced mix of lime and ginger)

Ylang Ylang (A nice floral. Cathie says I should put it on the must have list.)

Drakkar. Makes a STRONG candle, but is great as a bathroom candle after chili cookoffs! :shocked2: (Cathie's words, not mine...)

Jade is also nice, but has a very light throw for us.

All of the BCN scents we got were very nice but these were our favorites.


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Copied from Kaydee:

Countryberry Hotcakes (fantastic FO)

Spiced Cranberry (wonderful country FO, great mixer)

Baby Powder (gag, I hate this, but the popularity made me do it)

Pomegranate (not a huge seller, but I personally like it)

Northwoods Christmas (gotta have for Christmas, have two this is one of them)

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My favorites are Spiced Cranberry, Juniper Breeze, Hollyberry, Bayberry, Creme Brulee, Candy Corn, Autumn Leaves, Smoke and Odor Eliminator, Sunripened Raspberry, FCC Lavender, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Seabreeze, Hibiscus And Thai Palm, Hot Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Snowberry, and I'm sure I'll remember more later. These are from BCN.

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