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Best true Lavender


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I have searched all over this board for everyones favorite company to get the best true lavender in fragrance oil...I haven't really found a thread with it.

So which company has the best smelling true lavender fragrance oil?

All help will be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to place an order today..

Thanks in advance!:)

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I am a lavender freak. I want the real smell of lavender. I found it. CS has the best. They put lavender EOs in theirs. It smells like the real thing. It is the closes to the pure EOs. Got to try this one.

i have to second this! in both candles and CP it is great. it's the perfect lavender for me and from what i've read, it sticks longer in soap that the real thing. my soap is only about 4 months old, so i can't personally attest to that. i have candles from months ago that are at least as good as when i poured them, maybe better with age! my wax is GB464.


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I used to think CS has the best Lavender, but I found one recently that is very close to it but even better. It is English Lavender from New Directions. I still love the Lav from CS but the english lavender throws much, much better for me in soy containers, even without curing. It smells very close to an essential oil lavender. I'd have to say this one is my new favorite.

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