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I think I lied!

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Well, I have been testing these @#&% 8 oz candle tins for ions now, no luck with any wick. I thought that I got it down, now that I am a little over half down, All of the wicks are having a party in the tin jumping all over the pace!

I commend anyone who has succesfully wicked an 3 1/4" diameter 8 oz tin. I think that I am going to pull my hair out. I am ready to sell them, and buy a smaller diameter glass container.

I have used: cdn 10, cdn 12, cdn 14, cdn 16, cdn 20, eco 14, eco 16. Major hang up with the cdn 10 12 14, eco 14 (and large flame). Many of them do have larger flames. CDN 10 seems to be the only flame that isn't dancing like crazy, but given time, who knows!

I have htp 104 and 105, but tested in a different wax, I had major hang up as well. I know I should probably give 'em another try.

I am testing 2 different scents as well with same color. 1/2 drop per 8 oz, and 15 grams fragrance. Testing at three hours. My initial test with the ECO 14 was a 4 hour test, and seemed to perform well, but I didn't like burning for 4 hours so I stopped the test. I would assume the flame might still dance since I didn't get the candle to point I am now.

Ahhhhhhhh! See my frustration? What the heck do I do now? Anybody have room for a pregnant mental patient:grin2:

oh and I use gb444.

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I haven't double wicked in a tin before, but in my jars I traced a template of the bottom of the jar on paper. Then I found the exact center of the circle, and spaced the wicks equally across the jar. So I just have to sit my jar on the paper and I know where to put my wicks. I think you would just have to eyeball it with the tins.

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interesting. I have read over and over that I need to singe wick. How far apart do the the wicks need to be, and how far from the edge do they need to be?

Ok, I won't lose it yet. But, I will definitely get some smaller glass containers for some single wick sanity!

There are some that are of the mindset that you can and should single wick a jar that size but if Dw'ing provides you with an more even burn and better throw by providing consistency, I don't understand why a person is so reluctant to DW. Just because a jar can be single wicked, does not mean it should or that you get the best burn with one wick. DW'ing takes some practice but it is not as tough or scary as I think some believe it to be.

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