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my first palm pillar!!


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hi all, ? have been having problem with the palm candles splitting down the side, anyone know why this would happen:confused:

Kelvin, did you use palm stearic acid with the wax? Palm wax is very brittle and needs some stearic to make it behave - 1-2% or about 1 tablespoonful per pound. Also aids in mold release.

Just be SURE to poke relief holes while the candle is cooling as palm wax creates "caverns" as it cools (called air-trapping), usually around the wick to about 1-2" out from the wick, depending on the diameter of the candle.

Because this is a characteristic of palm wax, one has to take this extra step - there is no way to tell if there are cavities within the candle after it has cooled unless you cut the candle in half lengthwise. Although the wax IS a one-pour wax, when one makes relief holes, it often is necessary to do a repour to refill the void area left by poking the holes. This is VERY important because when the candle burns down to an air pocket, the wax in the melt pool will rush to fill the void, causing the wick to become overexposed and burn WAY too hot! There is a lot of discussion about palm wax in the veggie wax forum - just search for palm wax there. HTH:)

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