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A Touch of Fall


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I don't know if I've made a candle in almost a year. Thought I had forgotten how so had to start with single colors before I could play around. It was fun to work back into it.

First up is hayride and I can't wait to get rid of the rest of this. Makes my nose run and causes me to sneeze if I'm around it too much. Was trying to cut two shades of brown into this and really want to find a better tool than what I use that would make it easier to cut lines of color into the shell.


This next one I made five of these and actually had the final pour too hot that the fifth one lost half of its markings. Actually I did that with the hayride too and should have learned, except the layers were pretty dang thick when I made a final pour.

Thought they came out cool. Scented Autumn Leaves.




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