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My Lushie Soap Collection


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Thank you everyone! I listed the scent name on each of them. The first 4 are still curing and fragrancing my entire basement workshop so very nicely :). All the Lush names are types of course.


Haiku ----------------------- Champage Snow Showers


Elixir ------------------------- American Cream


Figs & Sugar ------------------ Wild Fox


Bathos ---------------------- Honey Bee Sweet


Alklmaar --------------------- Instant Karma


Oatmeal Porridge ------------ Be Wild


Sweet Blue ------------------ Rock Star

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Very nice soaps!

I saw your soy tarts on your link. Loved those as well. I'm checking into doing some tarts and haven't seen any like yours. Very cute!! Good work and nice presentation on your link, as well as here!

Thank you for your lovely compliments! The molds for the tarts are the Pixie Muffin Pans. I can't quite remember where I bought them ( I googled it) but the aluminum ones are cheaper than the non-stick ones -- I have both and don't have any problems unmolding the tarts from both. I use the Ecosoya PB wax.

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Thanks! All the links seem to work for me. All my Lush Type handmade products are allowed on eBay. I have received a few threatening emails from other ebay members or not so very nice people (jealousy I suppose) that I will be reported because of my listings. eBay has decided in my favor each and every time.

My response to nasty emails: "If you find it worth your time to do so, then by all means go ahead. All of my handmade products with Designer names are Types (not a fake one I bought somewhere and sold on ebay with claims that it's authentic). I have indicated on each listing that they are fragrance types or interpretation/rendition of the true Designer fragrance. There are HUNDREDS of knockoff fragrances on eBay. If you decide to report them also, then you are in for one heck of a good time (if you consider wasting your time "good")."

So far, those individuals have not found it worth their time to respond any further.

They look wonderful!! Is ebay taking some of them down, some of the links take you to an item not found page. I know they get upset when anyone uses "type" or any indication that the item is a copy of an original designer brand in their title or description.
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