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So much for candle science!


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That sucks. Especially if you read this:


Based on this, I'd question the company and hold their feet to the fire.

If they have changed their shipping rules, they should update their site. I have no patience with suppliers that won't take time to update their sites. Customers SHOULD be able to rely on what is on the site whether it be a price, item in or out of stock or policy, etc.

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I'm just not understanding the minimum to Canada, period :confused:

Wondering out loud, because I don't know much, if anything about int'l shipping. I'm sure folks in Canada, along w/ other countries, expect shipping costs to be higher when ordering something from the US, so they pay it. So why the minimum~~especially that high of one~~if they're willing to pay the extra cost of shipping? I'm definitely missing something here, maybe someone could explain it?

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That really doesnt make any sense....hmmm...it still says this on there site

"We ship to Canada with no minimum, please call or email your order along with your full mailing address."

Hopefully you can get this all figured out...


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They expect me to order a $200.00 minimum!!!! I wanted to sample a few of the fo's to see what they were like and was told I would have to up my order to $200.00 when it clearly states on their site that there is no minimum order!!!!! :mad:


I'm also from Canada and have chatted with a customer service rep., and was never told about a $200 minimum. I would definately call them back and get it straightened out.

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I used to live in Ontario and now live in SC. Is there anyone you know that lives on the U.S. side that you can have it shipped to and pick it up there? I used to have it shipped to NF, Ny and then bring it through customs myself. Unless they have changed the policy that always worked for me.

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