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How to make this pretty swirled soap


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I don't blame you for wanting to make it..it is beautiful..

It looks to me like the soap had a divider right down the middle...to get the colors that way..??? but how would they have then took the divider out???

Yes I would like to be able to figure it out too..

and I love the colors too..

The swirls on top are nice...

Maybe someone will give some pointers..there are some very smart and knowlegable people here...

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I can do the two colors by pouring at med-thick trace simultaneously - but the third is harder. Not sure how to do that.

ETA - on closer inspection looks like they did pour the two main colors side by side simultaneously then went back and poured the middle color (from a great height to get it to penetrate).

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I think they used an upright log mold with dividers. You can make a divider using thin plexiglass.

I wanted to put a picture here of a soap make with an upright log mold using one divider in the middle I can't find it right now. If I find it I will come back and post it. It was a blue and yellow soap. After he pulled the divider out he took a long dowel rod and swirled it twice in a circle pattern.


I can't share the picture because of a copywrite but I can post the link, which is even better because you can see how he did it.


The picture that the OP posted, the third color looks like they poured it from a high distance after removing the divider and swirled a little different. They are not showing the whole bar, maybe the brown didn't go all the way down. I don't see how it could in an upright mold. :smiley2:

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Isn't that a hoot? The orange-yellow one was maybe my 5th batch.

My first 2 batches were castile, my third was a THREE LAYER MILK & HONEY SOAP (actually used half & half and honey in all parts, and a discoloring FO in the middle layer), then some horrid fabric softener scented number with an ugly blue swirl-ish thing, and then my lovely orange-yellow number.

Here's the 3-layer for chuckles. I don't think I could do this now to save my life.


Anyway, what I'm saying is that you can do ANYTHING even if you are a newbie - with a bit of luck.

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