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  1. I bought 2 pounds of a foaming bath butter base. It says it has a preservative in it but if I make a sugar (or salt) scrub with it I will need to add an additional preservative. I know I add .5% but.... do I add it for the two pounds of base or weigh it after I add the sugar and add .5% of the total batch weight? I am going to add a lot of sugar, I want a wet sand kind of consistency. I think I add to the total weight but I want to make sure. Thank you! Debbie
  2. I have a question while we are on the subject... So what you guys are saying is that if your flash point is low on a fragrance, then you would probably need to add more in your soap for a strong scent? And if it is high then you would add less? I'm still kind of new to soaping, less than a year. I know it depends on how strong the fragrance is, but it this 'basically' correct?
  3. Those look very nice and smooth. I will have to remember the roasting bag.
  4. Here is another one http://www.geocities.com/erla916/report.html
  5. I got a sample of the glaze from them and didn't like it. I do buy their Soy Body Whip and that is what I call it.
  6. It smells like you are having your kitchen floor paved LOL It's hard to believe how nice it mellows out, I like it unscented.
  7. I know this will get lost in here, maybe I should start a new post??? We really need to contact our congressmen/women and let them know our views on this. They will be voting on this. https://forms.house.gov/wyr/welcome.shtml http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
  8. I think they used an upright log mold with dividers. You can make a divider using thin plexiglass. I wanted to put a picture here of a soap make with an upright log mold using one divider in the middle I can't find it right now. If I find it I will come back and post it. It was a blue and yellow soap. After he pulled the divider out he took a long dowel rod and swirled it twice in a circle pattern. Edit I can't share the picture because of a copywrite but I can post the link, which is even better because you can see how he did it. http://nizzymoulds.com:80/BLue%20&%20Yellow.htm The pictur
  9. I make soap and know nothing about making candles. I'm not getting into making them except for beeswax votives and tarts. I have about 30 pounds of fresh beeswax that I have to render, my brother in law is a bee keeper and I get all his wax. I got some today. (Too bad I don't like honey :smiley2:) I will use most of it in lip balms, etc... but would like to make a few candles. Not for sale, just for myself and family. I was told that I shouldn't make big candles in a jar because beeswax burns hot because it takes a big wick and would break the jar. Is that right? Please tell me if this is wr
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