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My 1st Charcoal soap- Pomegranate Anise


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This is my first attempt at a charcoal soap - I'm not really happy with it but I am not completely dissatisfied either. This one is actually a castile soap scented with my last bit of BnL's Pomegranate Anise (actually purchased from BnL before they closed) I would have really liked to have used some red with it but I did not have any.


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Thanks everyone. :) Thanks to E too. She inspired me with her beautiful charcoal soaps. :cool2: I like this one O.K. but I think I played with the swirls a bit too much. I should have stopped when I was ahead. I got a bit of ash on this soap but I think it actually enhances the look. I'll post pictures of it cut later when I am out in the shop.

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Are you out in the shop yet? LOL!

I attempted to take pictures this weekend and my camera batteries were dead.Figures, huh? I'll get pictures as soon as I put new ones in - which I did buy tonight.

Looks fab to me - where are folks getting the charcoal they use btw?


I got mine from Texan Natural Supply. I've ordered from the 2 times now and have been very happy with my product and CS.


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I finally put the new batteries in the camera. It's amazing that something so simply can take me so long to get done.

The first pic is of the Pomegranite and Anise (BnL)cut. The middle one on the bottom is the bottom of the soap. This batch ashed pretty bad.

The round soap is TO Karma. I was practicing swirls in my Upland round mold.

3rd is GL's Energize with soap chunks in it.




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