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After doing the hillbilly homebrew I thought I'd see if I could repeat it. Fair tries here. Course these are packaged so ignore the shiny stuff as it's the sleeve. Ooops forgot the scented: Mulled Cider. The hillbilly homebrew ones had a red-brown cut into it.


Went from orange to a spicy orange brown on the one above. Varied burgandy on the one below and thinking it would look better cut with brown and a hunter's green maybe.


Stopped messing with that technique and poured for fun, but definitely need to work on my angles.

This is scented Gembertaarts and is a fabulous fragrance for those really into buttery spicy. I hate that the red wasn't more lined though. Didn't realize I tilted back and forth that much. Quite possible that I did though as it was very, very late.


Sorry JV! I never got to take a pix of the others I did for your class. They were restocks and swept away.

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Hillbilly homebrew ... :laugh2:Though I don't think KS is hillbilly country. :P

Those are great, Julie. Nice job, as always! Considering that I've been offline since my comp crashed in march, this technique you're showing is new to me. Dare I ask how you do it or is it a craft secret? I love the look; puts me in mind of the album cover (yes, that's right ALBUM cover .... lol ... for all you young'uns :wink2:) for Fleetwood Mac's BARETREES, back in the days before Lindsey & Stevie.

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Guest Candelishis
you are so talented. I wanna be like you when (if) I grow up.

:laugh2: Me too CareBear....or I at least want to figure out how to get my cat to wear a football helmet carved out of a lime!!! :P Scented's avatar cracks me up every time I see it... :laugh2:

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