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Ok no laughing at photography.. I am just so freaking excited I got my camera back, I had to take some quick shots of my recent soaps.

The first one is Crystal Blue Waters from Rustic Essentials.. Hmm for some reason- I don't see any blue. I put 3 different blues in for color ( none were cellini or whatever the spelling is) and yet, still no blue. LMFAO I have done this before and got blue so I have no clue what the heck happened here. Since it didn't turn out blue, I can't name it that so hubby said to name it Muddy waters. Yeah right. LMFAO So if you have any suggestions on this soap for a nap- please let me know. It's a very clean smell.


The next one is Phoenix AXE type from FOH . It looks more black in person. I absolutely love this one.


This one is Sweet N Sexy ( FOH) and I absolutely love this one. It's a little blurry but again, got my camera back and just excited to be able to take pics.


The next one is Yummy Pumpkin from Backwoods ( back ) and White Tea & Ginger from Solas ( Front)


I have Lemon Tart from Backwoods and Milk & Honey from Solas waiting to come out of the molds..

Soaping more tomorrow

Thanks for looking!

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