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Day Star's New Acquisition?


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Yeah ... I went on their website (www.somanyscents.com) and emailed them with a couple of questions. They don't post a phone number or street address ... not too much info about their company on their website. I tried to get onto the Nature's Cauldron website ... it came up on my screen, but kept freezing.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Hi All,

I hope this allowed to post here:

I would like to give you a brief intro-history about Nature’s Cauldron. Stephanie Bruns, original owner of NC is an active member in the soaping community and is well known among the Yah00 groups. Stephanie’s group opened in August 2004 so she is not a “newbie”. She generally did not keep oils in stock, but offered monthly buys for her oils. I am confident that each of you will delight in these fragrances oils. I have sampled many of her oils and am very pleased. Stephanie knows quality and these will be an excellent addition to Day-Star’s line. On a side note: ALL of Nature’s Cauldron fragrance oils are SKIN SAFE!

I am working on collecting all descriptions so these will be available to view soon! I am posititve you will LOVE these oils!!

Thank you,

Stacy :-)

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Here is our description of this lovely Parsley Water fragrance:

I am working today on gathering all the descriptions and info for our first set of Nature's Cauldron oils.

Stacy :)

Parsley Water

Nature’s Cauldron formulation

THE ORIGINAL! The name isn’t very interesting, but before you turn your nose up at this – you must try it!! This is such an awesome scent! It’s a very intense green scent with freshness and a hint of floral. It’s a wonderful, relaxing, yet exhilarating!!

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