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Best Floral and Clean scents..

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Honeysuckle Jasmine -CS

Sun Washed Linen - CS

Rose Bouquet - Peaks

Clean Cotton - Peaks

Lavender Flowers - TW

Hawaiian Plumeria - TW

Emerald Sea - TW

Tuscan Lace - FF

Olive Blossom - FF


Honeysuckle Jasmine & Rose Bouquet mixed half & half for Honeysuckle Rose.

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In a similar post, I listed scents from www.fragranceoilheaven ...

Aqua (Pier 1 dup)

Bamboo Sugar Cane

Clean Sheets

Downpour Type (Pier 1 dup)

Lemongrass & Sage

Waterfall Cascade

To those, I'll add some from www.candlescience.com

Clean Cotton

Sunwashed Linen

Rain Water

(I'm not a floral person but ... Plumeria, Lavender, Golden Rose, Honysuckle Jasmine, Gardenia, Violet Lime, Hydrangea ... are all strong.)


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