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Alternative to traditional soap boxes!


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I've been tinkering around with boxing my soaps, but haven't liked traditional soap boxes. So I found a little tab top favor box on Paper Mart that fits one of my bars like a glove (it also fits a couple of ounce serum dispensers or atomizers).


It would look better with a thinner ribbon, but that is what I had on hand. Took the zinnia picture this morning that's on the "name badge" insert I glued on the box. I'm pretty happy with how it looks! Plenty of room on the bottom or back for an ingredient label.

Thanks for checking it out!

P.S. Only 30 cents per box (for this size) if bought by the case!

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Thanks for the compliments and questions! :yay:

The tab top box dimensions are: Length - three and one half inches, Width - one and three fourths inches, and Depth - 5 inches.

Correction on the case price - they are 33 cents each. :embarasse Sorry about this error - looked at the info too quick.

Bars made in the Misty Creek slab molds fit inside just great!

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VERY creative. I've been on the hunt for something "different" too to package my soap. I'm feeling some pressure from my largest wholesale account to get the soaps ready to go cause they are wanting them in stock. They would gladly take them in a traditional soap box, but I'm just wanting something not so traditional.. This just gave me a few other ideas to think about ~ Thanks! :)

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I like it, but what I don't like is not seeing the actual bar.

Yes, I thought about that. I've made a personal decision not to do shows for now. So there's no need for one-to-one encounters with each bar; my online customers already see the bars on my site. I try for each bar to be consistent with the others, so there's no surprise when their order arrives.

If I had a storefront I'd love to box the bars like this and leave an unboxed but banded bar at the front of the cue for customers to see & smell & feel.

What I like about this packaging is that they arrive at the customer all ready to give as a gift! Easier for the buyer. :smiley2: Plus, they can be sure nobody has been pawing over their particular soap (which is one of my pet peeves!) :)

Thanks for your remarks, everybody!

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Brenda, I have always been impressed by your packaging before and I continue to be! It's like getting multiple presents to open the box and then wee everything wrapped so prettily inside. :grin2:

And yes, Papermart suckers me in, almost every time I look.... :rolleyes2

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