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Need opinions..does this look like a Croc


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I was playing with some air dry clay tonight to see if I could make a Croc shoe for a charm swap. This is just a prototype so there are imperfections and dents and creases but do you think overall it looks like a Croc? BTW...I have a pair of lime green faux Crocs that look just like this. :D





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I will post pics when they are done, I only have 22 more to make. I was also thinking of mixing the clay and making them like a marbled color too. They are fun and easy to make. My ds was the one who gave me the idea when I was brainstorming on what kind of charm to make....kids have great ideas. :grin2:

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I have only made 3 more since this one....I need to make 20 more now. I need to get busy. I'll post a pic of all of them when I'm finished. I need to make more colors too.

VE, well this would make a cute Jibitz wouldn't it? I have a plan for my jibitz too when I get the chance to make them, they will be cool.:wink2:

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