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First Marble


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I finally got brave enough to make marbled pillars. Talk about a lot of fun. Making this pair was a real hoot and I'm looking forward to making more. Scented coconut lime with lime dye for the colouring.


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Those are great Miss Mozzie.......and I love coconut lime. Did you bang them like Candlekitty taught us how to do.....?????? You can really let out some frustration making these (smile)......I really like them. Donita Louise

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Very nice job. I haven't tried those yet lol Are they hard to do?

Hard, no. Messy, yes. I followed the instructions under Techniques and Ideas but as I don't have liquid dye simply melted some dye chips in a small pot. My challenge is to spoon the "mashed potato" mixture into the mould without dribbling it all down the side, all over the table, etc, etc. And yes, Donita, I did give the moulds a good bang - very therapeutic. LOL. Thanks for your kind words everyone.

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