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Liquid Soap is a TON of fun!


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Talk about instant gratification! I've spent today fussing about with my third incarnation of liquid soap. Having only done CP before I'm not used to being able to use soap I've made immediately. Here's a shot of what I was up to today:


The soap in the middle and across the back row is today's soap. The other two in front are versions 1 and 2. Soaps one and two were cloudy from the beginning, not clear like today's soap. My first soap was made with rice bran oil and coconut oil. The second soap was made with olive, coconut, and apricot kernel and was cloudy also, but felt silkier when used. My third try is made with coconut, olive, and cherry kernel oil. It has less "smell" than the other two and is clear. I added a little orange color and scented this bottle with SW Amazing Grace type.

Then I went a little wild with some of the co-op micas to color the soaps in the back row. From left to right SC Lavender Vanilla, SC Angel, SW Cristalle Chanel, and finally on the far right SW Pink Sugar. What fun it was to mess about with these. Now I have to make labels. :) The best part is that I've still got a lot of paste left to try some essential oil combos.

Still in the testing phase - these will be for my testers at work to try. I keep couple in the ladies room at my school and get lots of feedback that way too.

Oh, and finally got my bomb recipe the way I need it. I'm calling them Foamers because they lay down a layer of foam on the surface of the bath water instead of a lot of bubbles. Here's my Angelfish - scented with Angel.


Thanks for looking and wading through my wordy post! I'm only a LITTLE excited about liquid soap! :cheesy2:

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Let me be the first to say.

Very, Very nice.

I have started working on liquid soap. I tried a batch yesterday and I don't think it turned out so well. I tried the past method and it is so stiff I could not even stir it. Soooooo........I will try again tomorrow.

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Thanks so much for your remarks! :cheesy2:

I'm not sure either about the quest for clearness. I guess part is just a personal preference as well as a "standard" of the technique. It is cool to get one that's clear, but in the end it's really how the soap performs that is what's most important to my way of thinking.

I'm happy about the lack of inherent odor in this recipe. I'll give it a couple of days and see if this is still the case.

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Thanks, everyone!

I printed out Garp's Liquid Soap Tutorial and used the pictures. I am a visual learner. :cheesy2:


Her directions and method are awesome; I made my own recipe because I didn't want straight coconut.

It is ok to post this link, right?

Thanks for the link Brenda

I have read through and these instructions seem a lot easier to follow then Cathy Failor's book. (maybe i'm just slow). After reading the instructions......maybe I did not mess up my batch yesterday after all. It is suppose to be stiff and hard. I knew this but this was REALLY hard. I will give it another try today.

Anyway Thanks again. Your work is always good.

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