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need help making Sage Green...

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I know you are trying to make this color out of the ones you have already, but I thought I would let you know candlescience has some chips called sage green that are really pretty. Very easy to use and they do well in soy and palm wax.

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I use the color chips from Candle Science and just recently used the sage that Jeana mentioned and it does give a perfect sage color. The chips work just fine in soy and paraffin. I cut them up in fours so I can get lighter or darker colors and just add them prior to adding the FO. I don't get any undisolved particles like some people say they have get with blocks. I used to always use liquids but I don't do big batches and I hate to have to mix colors. These things are so much easier and cleaner to use and store IMO.

This is dumb but I have every chip color from Candle Cocoon and Candle Science and compared them (that was a sight to see) and they mostly are duplicates of each other (I'm just assuming they are made by the same factory). However the one that was different that Cocoon had that Candle Science did not was one called "Coffee Bean". Just FYI if you are looking for a nice deep rich brown. A good subsitute is CS's "mahogany".

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