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Nerves are starting to hit me... Update 9/12/2005 second page


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Tomorrow is the start of the biggest show we have done yet... estimated 100,000 + people over a 3 day period.. It was a juried show - which I am very happy about - Hubby and oldest son are heading out first thing in the morning to set up - it is a 3 hour drive - I will head down after work... and get there around 5... Hubby can do it I am not worried about that at all.. he has become quite the salesman - well except he backs away from the B&B stuff.. gotta get him trained on that.. :rolleyes2 Wish us luck.. I hope I have brought enough - cuz this time there aint no going home at night and restocking like I have had to do before.

I will let you know next week how it goes.. :D

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Damn! :highfive:

I am supposed to be getting ready for my own show, but I had to check to see how you did. That is great!

So did you have enough or end up taking orders?

And a wholesale account? Too cool! I'm so glad you had a geat weekend.

Ended up taking a couple of orders for unscented whipped shea.. other than that I had the stock.. I really stocked up because I have a few big shows coming up and didnt want to be scrambling to restock.. although after this one I do have a lot to make.. that is okay - I would rather make it than not sell anything.. :wink2:

Good luck with your show Georgia..

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