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carol k

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OK, Now ya know we'll all be awaitin' some reviews! What all did you guys get??? Hmmm??:drool:

I can't even remember what I got! LOL I know I ordered more of the pumpkin vanilla and cinnamon toasted almonds. Of the new ones, I know I got Cherry Clove Chutney (I'm on a big fall scent kick right now!LOL) I know I got one or two other new ones, but I can't remember what they were! LOL

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I just placed a huge order too! I just love Loren's oils!!

These I haven't tried yet but ordered:

Black Magic

The Great Pumpkin

Candy Corn

Butter Cream

Christmas Rumball

Cinnamon & Sandlewood


Bedford Falls

Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Icing

And of course my all time favorites which I can't keep well stocked!:

Cream Brulee

Sage & Citrus


Warm Vanilla Sugar

Pink Sugar


I also order the room/spray base after I decided from another post.

Whoever gets the new fragrances first, PLEASE let us know what they're like!! I'm dying to know!

Ok I'm think I'm turning into an addict :bliss:


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Hi. Just checked out the Candle Source's site and now my husband is doing this :rolleyes2 as I say I must try some of these. Telling about all these great new oils can keep a person poor! The prices are very reasonable and you all sound like they work really well...have any used these in 100% soy and had good results...I noticed this company wasn't on the list for those that throw well in soy on the vegie section, so just wondered. Beth

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I have used several in CB135 and a friend of mine uses about all of them in her line in CB135! The ones I think have an authentic smell and throw well are:

Butt Naked

Cherry Amaretto

Chocolate Cake ~awesome

Christmas Tree~not astrong pine scent..very nice

Country Bumpkin




Monkey Farts

Orange Dreamsicle

Pumpkin & Vanilla

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I love love love Candlesource fragrances!!!! They worked great for me both in soy and paraffin for hot and cold. I have tried lots of their stuff, has anymore tried the Britney Spears????

Haven't tried it in anything yet but I do have a bottle from them here and oob it smells just like the perfume. I hope it stays true in B&B:cheesy2: .

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Ok gurls...need a link for the site please :D

And Angel2006.. what is your site url??


I'm trying to order, but each time I add a different FO to my shopping cart, it replaces my first selection. I don't get what's going on. Their phone number is also the same as their fax number...so I couldn't get through to anyone. What's happening? I'd like to try some of their oils, and get the sale prices, but the shopping cart is not cooperating. Anyone else having this problem?

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