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The soaping bug has bitten again!!


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Hi ya'll,

I've lurked for many moons, but just had to say thank you for all the information you have provided through tutorials ( I used Shannon's crock pot method) and sharing your experiences.

I made a very simple recipe with stuff I had on hand, no scent or color.

Coconut 30%

Olive oil 30%

Hydro. Soy 35%

Caster Oil 5%

Both my DH and my dogs have sensitive skin, so this is for them. Tonite or tomorrow I will soap again, I'm currently playing on soapcalc, which is addictive!!!

My DH was just rolling his eyes as I danced around the kitchen after unmolding my soap. He thinks I'm nuts, but that's nothing new.

Anyway, I just wanted to say "HI" and thanks to all of you.

Edited to add pics!!!




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Sassy I am so proud of you! And I don't even know you so you know it must be pretty intense! It's best IMHO to start with no FO - keep things simple at first! And you will be making 4 color, 3-FO soaps before you know it!


Markia I read your siggy-line: Stop Lurking In CP-land And Leap In Head First!!! I'll walk you through it step by step if you want - you can do it!

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Welcome to CT Lisa!

I am the occasional male soaper to the soapmaking forums! There are a few of us guys who are into the craft of soapmaking! I was bit by the bug last November, and have been churning out soap ever since last December! I read every day that I could for at least 45 days every soapmaking site I could find! LOL When the "soap" bug hits, there is no known antidote for it! :laugh2: My wife is like most husbands, just really doesn't care in the process of soapmaking; she just loves my goat milk soaps though!

Welcome to our addiction!:D:wink2:

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Thanks for the warm words of encouragement!!! I already knew you guys are great just from the large amounts of time I've spent reading here for the last few months, but it's nice to have it directed towards me.

I'm probably gonna get up early to head to WallyWorld to pick up a new scale that measures in grams, as mine is only ounces. Thankfully, my 2 lb batch came out right as rain.

I'll be soaping on my unLabor Day! My box from MMS should make it to my job on Tuesday, so more soaping that night!!

What do those of you who don't sell do with all of your soap??? I mean, you can only use so much soap!!!LOL

I am planning on giving soap and candles for Christmas gifts this year (I just realized I've been lurking since this time last year on the candle side---holy cow, time flies.). I guess each batch that turns out well could be stockpiled (minus test bars for moi).


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Welcome to soaping, Lisa! I loved seeing pictures of your first soaps. There is something special about that first batch that spurs you to another and another and another....:D

You are going to have a great time. :bliss: So are your family and friends who are going to get some fantastic soaps. They'll be converted!

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