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Dog Soap


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I'm so happy with this soap I've work hard and long to come up with a doggy soap. I had a wonderful aromatherapist, who helped me come up with this soap for the specific needs of our shih-tzu, who has horribly dry skin. This is an ALL natural CP bar with lots of good "stuff in it"!!



Here's our dog ~Oreo (he is all black w/ a light strip that runs down his belly hence the name Oreo).





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MaryAnn, that is one cute pooch. I'm sure he'll love his very own soap. I just made my first ever soap unscented for my dogs (and my DH) who have sensitive skin. I absolutely HATE trying to wash them with shampoo - the bottle is a pain in the patootie.

I really like the stamps, too!


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GREAT job, can't wait to hear how it works on your sensitive skinned doggie (who is adorable btw). :D

Is that a stamp? I think I just bought that same one at Michaels (well a month or so ago) ;)

I'd love to be a tester for that (well my mutt would-he's in my avatar) :D

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