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Fair on the Rogue River


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Saturday was a perfect day - 85F, a bit breezy in the afternoon. But who can complain when you're looking at a beautiful river, filled later in the afternoon with rafters. Saturday had my 2nd best day - if I averaged out sales I had a customer every 3 minutes lol. Sunday was pretty dead, it warmed up to 95F - did my usual low average. But the weekend total rocked! Totally sold out of lip balms.

My awning worked great, kept the sun off in the afternoon.




I was the last booth - 62 out of 62. The rest followed the river for a mile.


Right behind my booth - what a view.


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Nope, this is their 2nd year, my first. I've done another one on a river, but that was the Applegate River, not the Rogue. I like river fairs :)

Funny customer story I remembered. On Sunday, a "little ole lady" - about my mom's age, late 70s, early 80s, came by and took 1/2 hour to sniff and chat. She was kind of negative. Asked how much, told her the pricing.

"Wow, now who would *ever* pay that much for soap - do you actually sell any?"

Me: "I sold a ton yesterday, had to refill my shelves completely with new stock, so yes (smile), I've got a market"....

I figured she's a depression-era person, so I can understand. She decides to buy one bar, and carefully, regretfully gives me a $5 bill. I package it up in my white bag w/ handles, and hand it to her..

Her: "Well, at least the *bag* is worth something!" And off she walks....


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