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Shaw Mudge Strawberry Supreme (1st post - pics of success and failure added...)


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Today my SW 20% off sale order arrived! I just had to make a whipped CP batch with Strawberry Supreme even though I didn't know if it would accelerate or will discolor over time. It smells absolutely fantastic OOB - and I'm not a typical strawberry scent lover - but it's great. Here's how it turned out:


Colored with Red 30 Lake (amethyst pink) from MMS - I love this particular colorant. If you look closely at the pic above you can see small "chunks" from where the FO clumped up during my hand-stirring of the separate colored amounts of soap. Here's what happened overnight:


Wretched specks of unincorporated FO! Next time I will reserve some white unscented and then add the FO and beat it in with the mixer along with the colorant since it did not accelerate. I am not giving up on this FO for whipped soap. It smells delicious! (Oh well, now I will have to use it all myself.) I substituted avocado oil for the sweet almond and it worked well too.

I also made a batch of Cucumber whipped soap and I piped what didn't fit in the mold into these little samples:


Here's a pic of the Cool Cucumber whipped bars. They turned out nice and smooth!


In the oven now is a batch of Mary-Mint Parfait since I was out. No pics yet here, but my husband was off sick today and I made him take some pictures as I was going through the layering process so that I can post a little picture tour of the process.

A couple of days ago I made another layered bar that I might or might not stamp:


There's some separation of the mica in the middle layer. :cry2: But the bar smells great! I mixed up the following FOs - Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Lime EO, Amber, Frankincense and Myrrh, and Tree (a pine kind of scent). Sounds kind of horrible when you list out what's in it, but it's a good man smell! (at least so far)

So that's what I've been up to. Trying to get a lot made before the start of school comes and I rejoin the workforce! :)

Thanks for looking!

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YUM YUM~:drool: I just love the Strawberry Supreme!! It looks so wonderful I want to sneek:tiptoe: over and get me some before it's all gone!!!:laugh2: I bet you won't be able to keep that one for long!! And I think you did a grat job on the others as well, I love the way you pipe them out into the swirls, are you doing some of the Strawberry Supreme like that too? I sure wish I could get a big WHIFF of all of these!!!

Sue Ann

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