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Hypnotic Poison CP (not whipped!)


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After my ill-fated whipped soap attempt with SW Hypnotic Poison FO I decided to give it a try in CP. Here's how it turned out this time. I only put FO in the part that's colored with a little black aussie clay. I'd expect that part to "brown up" a bit. There was only time for frantic stirring to get the colors in, no artful swirling! After shaving off the tops due to excessive lumpiness this is the result:


The FO seems to have withstood the process nicely. Thanks for checking it out. :)

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You all are so nice - Thanks for your generous comments! :)

mcornwell - As far as these swirls go, first you get your main color soap to seize in the mold and then you pour your other soaps on top and stir the whole mess 'round in like mad! Then finish it off with a good counter pounding with the mold. :grin2: That's what I had to do with this batch. Not a method I would recommend. :o

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